Best outdoor lighting for coastal areas

Best outdoor lighting for coastal areas

A home that is well-lit is an element of safety and security and an attractive part of your house. When selecting lighting fixtures for your coastal home, it is important to be aware of the weather conditions and the surrounding environment. Here are 5 top choices for outdoor lighting fixtures for coastal regions and some suggestions for choosing the most appropriate fixtures for your outdoor coastal space.

Westinghouse Lighting 6357700

Give a classic industrial appearance to your exterior home with this Rezner one-light outdoor wall lantern. A classic-style fixture with a metal cage, galvanized finish on steel, as well as the distinctive clear seeded glass that brings the design together. Illuminate your front or back entranceway with this striking fixture. Place it on the balcony or patio to create a striking light. The durable craftsmanship guarantees long-lasting design and elegance, supported by a five-year guarantee against any defects in the materials and workmanship. Westinghouse is an established worldwide brand. Westinghouse is a specialist in lighting and provides high-quality products with reliability, dependability, and practicality.

Westinghouse 6357700 Rezner One-Light, Galvanized Steel Finish with Clear Seeded Glass Outdoor Wall...

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Globe Electric 44094

It is ideal to hang it on its own or in a set Globe Electric’s 1 Light Outdoor Wall Sconce provides warm, welcoming lighting. The glass shade is seeded to create stunning shadows that provide an inviting light to your entranceway.

Place it near a garage’s back entranceway or wherever you require illumination outside of your home. Its black-colored finish as well as transparent shade make a great combination of modern and classic and blend seamlessly with any décor. Use a dimmer switch compatible as well as a bulb for the ideal outdoor ambiance.

Take a look at Globe Electric’s gorgeous assortment of stylish vintage bulbs to create your own Turner 1-Light Wall Sconce unique. Included is all mounting hardware for simple and quick installation. It only requires one 60W medium-based bulb (sold separately).

Globe Electric 44094 1-Light Outdoor Wall Sconce, Black, Seeded Glass Shade, Light Fixture, Outside...

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Rosient Outdoor Lights

Metal construction made of strength and seeded glasses. It can easily be matched to any style of decoration. Perfect for patios, porches, and gardens. Also, corridors, terraces, balconies Garage door villa open field, and entryway.

More sensitive and precise detect motion, which is great for lighting. The light will stay dim during the night when there is there isn’t any motion.

1x medium base E26 bulb-Max.100W (Bulb not included). Compatible with LED bulbs CFL, Incandescent, or incandescent bulbs.If you choose to use an LED bulb to complement the light make sure you select DIMMABLE LED BULB, otherwise the light won’t work.

Hard-wired connection. Mounting accessories essential to the installation are included. This outdoor wall light is perfect for both residential and commercial applications and is able to safeguard against extreme weather conditions.

One-year warranty, as well as professional after-sales assistance. It’s ETL certified for use in safety.

Rosient Outdoor Wall Lights, Infrared Montion Sense Outdoor Wall Sconces, Exterior Wall Light...

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Globe Electric 44176

Clean lines and clear glass panel help bring this Bowery Outdoor Wall Sconce into the contemporary era. A vintage-inspired light bulb can be the perfect accent to create an absolute masterpiece.

Its matte-black finish matches any existing style of decor and displays the bulb you prefer perfectly. For a polished and unifying appearance, you can pair the pieces together to create an aesthetically pleasing front door. All mounting hardware is included for simple and quick installation. It only requires one 60-watt E26/medium base bulb (sold separately).

Globe Electric 44176 Bowery 1-Light Outdoor and Indoor Wall Sconce with a Matte Black Finish and...

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Sunlite 41367

The Sunlite Nautical Collection wall fixture has a classic three-tiered canopy design with a prismatic lens to ensure uniform light distribution. It is made of weatherproof acrylic and polycarbonate for many years of reliable service throughout the year in any weather. It is ideal for use on balconies, patios, terraces entranceways, docks, or any other place where you require lighting for decoration. UL is Listed for wet-location installation. The fixture measures 10″ deep, 11″ wide, and 13″ high.

Sunlite 41367-SU Nautical Style Outdoor Wall Fixture, Medium Base Socket (E26), Weatherproof...

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What is Outdoor Lighting, and Why Does it Matter?

Lighting for outdoor use makes use of synthetic light sources that light up the coastal environments and inland areas during sunsets.

Adding outdoor lights on the outside of your coastal home or houses near a freshwater source can improve safety by illuminating your door and porch.

Outdoor lighting can deter potential criminals who might be lurking in damp areas or by lighting entryways. It can even produce dramatic visual effects and appearances in your coastal environments.

Whatever your reasons are – enhancing beautiful beach areas, creating secure areas for your beach, or just enjoying a relaxing time – a good plan can allow you to maximize the benefits of your landscape and lighting.

How to Choose Coastal Outdoor Lights

This step-by-step guide will help you choose the ideal outdoor fixtures for the beach house or home on the coast.

Material for Coastal Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights are made of numerous materials, such as copper, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, as well as plastic.

When selecting the ideal lighting sconce for your lighting fixtures, it is important to consider the climate and coastal elements like salt, sand, and humidity.

Here’s a rundown of the most suitable materials that are capable of enduring the impact of humidity and salt in coastal regions:

Stainless Steel

The name says it all, stainless steel outdoor fixtures are designed in a way to not corrosive. The stainless steel outdoor light fixtures made for marine use are among the most resistant to corrosion that you can find in the market. But they are extremely expensive and might not be the best option for those with a limited budget.

While the stainless-steel outdoor light fixtures boast excellent corrosion resistance, however, they may be stained by the harsh coastal elements of the environment. This is why they should be maintained properly if they are installed in coastal areas to ensure long-term longevity.


There is no better choice than brass lighting fixtures. The mix of copper and zinc within solid brass provides this material with outstanding longevity.

Brass sconces are extremely robust and are able to withstand constant exposure to salty conditions. Decor for outdoor spaces is made of a suitable material that may become darker over time, but it doesn’t get corroded as quickly as aluminum. Brass fixtures require minimal maintenance, so they are suitable for coastal lighting.


Copper is among the most beautiful lighting fixtures you could think about. It has long been used extensively in facades, jewelry, and sculptures due to its beauty and natural elegance.

In light fixtures that are used outdoors, the copper’s warm tones enhance the captivating flicker of lighting. The material is malleable and resilient, durable, and corrosive-resistant durable, and adapts well to harsh temperatures and conditions.

A copper sconce and clear glass make an original lighting design to illuminate outdoor spaces. Copper lighting fixtures can last for longer with minimal maintenance, which could make it easier to save cash.

Galvanized Steel

The next best material you could think about for your coastal lighting in your beach house is galvanized steel. This is made by coating the steel in a durable zinc oxide coating. When the layer is exposed to coastal elements, it creates zinc carbonate (a protecting compound).

As opposed to other materials for coastal lighting areas such as copper, antique brass, and stainless steel, galvanized steel features an irregularly-textured finish that gives it an individual look.


Do not forget to consider aluminum lights for your exterior lighting. It is light flexible, malleable, durable, and resistant to corrosion. If used in coastal lighting, it creates an oxide-protective coating. Outdoor lighting fixtures made of this kind of material will last for an extended time with proper maintenance.

Finish (Surface Treatment)

A variety of factors can impact the effectiveness of a finish and surface, such as the type of finish chosen as well as the weathering and natural process, the humidity content, UV-resistant capacity as well as the quality and the type of material on which it is built to.

All fittings for coastal lighting are susceptible to degradation due to UV saturation as well as the effects of weathering. You can increase your UV-resistant coastal lighting fixtures by selecting the correct finish (oil-rubbed bronze polished brass matte black and nickel).

There is a variety of film-forming and film finishes. A coating for film-forming helps to protect brass fixtures and other fittings made from different materials.

Film-forming surfaces on outside lighting also enhance the resistance to abrasion. However, films protect against constant exposure to corrosion.

IP Rating

The proper finish and material will help shield your lighting fixture from the negative effects of salt and UV saturation. What is the protection against water?

The waterproofing of outdoor lights on exteriors can be measured by a system known as IP Rating. It is the IP rating is composed of 2 numbers. The first number is a range of “0” to “6” and the other is a range of ‘0’ up to 9K. Both numbers are not related to the identical thing.

The first number is the protection against intrusion from solid items. This could be any solid object, even the sand that is always present at the beach house. The range of this is from ‘0’ which has no protection against the entry of solid particles, to ‘6’ which is dustproof. For instance, lighting fixtures for the beach house that have an IP65 rating are very safe against dust and sand.

The second number signifies the protection from the entry of water. When the number 1 is zero, then the outdoor lights are not protected from water, and ‘9K’ indicates that the lights are protected from the high-temperature water jets. In the case above the ‘6’ signifies that the lights are protected from strong water jets.

Outdoor Lighting Size Guide

Wall lights for the front entrance make up the majority of the prominent fixtures that you can find in the front of your home’s coastal property. If you can fit just one light, select one that is roughly one-third the size that the door. Consider lights about one-fourth of the height of the door, if there is enough for outdoor space.

When selecting hanging lights ensure that the design and style are in line with the dimensions of the porch or patio. The area must be wide enough to be able to accommodate a hanging light.

When it comes to the lighting for your path in question, you can select the lights purely on the basis of style and design. A standard bulb with a stem and a hat is the popular light source for your area and path. They can provide elegant evening illumination of your pathways in your beach house.

Motion Sensor & Dusk to Dawn

If you’re looking for lighting fixtures for your coastal area be sure to look for modern features like motion sensors, from dawn to dusk.

Motion sensor lights are typically activated in the event of detecting movement near and are therefore suitable as security lights. They detect angles and the range for motion sensors differs according to their design. On the other hand, the fixtures that are designed for dusk-to-dawn have special photosensors that will turn off and on depending on the rising and setting of the sun.

Outdoor Lighting Styles

There are numerous styles of lighting you could look at for your beach house from the most popular brands as well as outdoor lighting producers. This is a brief overview:

Wall Mount

Wall lights are great to use for the outdoor wall or door of the garage. They are also great for a traditional porch or lighting for your patio. They are constructed of frosted glass and are extremely efficient at reducing energy usage.

Post and Pier Mount

The light fittings are positioned above poles within open-air areas, paths, and driveways. Post-mount lighting fixtures can be mounted on the coastal armor or the on top of columns.

Pier light fittings have a similar design to post fixtures, however, they are constructed on flat surfaces, similar to columns.

Landscape Fixtures

This lighting style emphasizes how beautiful the scenery of your beach house is. Lighting fixtures for landscapes are typically low-voltage. You can make use of a mixture of spot, flood, and path lights in the vicinity of your beach house.

Flood Light Fixtures

They are energy-efficient, bright solutions for lighting landscapes, upside, wall, and lighting along paths. They come in a variety of temperatures and wattages and produce a lot of light bulbs. They create a vibrant, modern style that can be used in any coastal setting.


It’s evident that if you need fittings that are stylish and will add classic marine elements to the look and style of your house Copper and brass are the most appropriate choices.

It might be more beneficial to mix and match materials so that the house can be furnished with many shades and strengths. This is also cheaper, as it involves mixing of fittings and materials to match the aesthetics and budget.

No matter what you pick, there is a huge assortment of fittings that are available in every material, that’s why you can head to town to find the ideal lighting design for your coastal house.

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