Best snow plow 2023

To maintain effective transitways and heavily traveled areas while snow accumulates on roads, paths, and lots, it frequently takes more than a snow blower or thrower. Pickup trucks with plows are necessary for anyone who operates a plow service or who may be in charge of particular areas and businesses; in most situations, this entails using plow attachments on their truck to mount one.

It’s recommended to look for kits that enable turning a truck into a snow removal machine, whether it’s adding a straight blade or V-blade, in the absence of a vehicle with a permanently attached plow. Here are some considerations you should make before buying a plow before you go in.

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#1 Meyer 26500 Plow

Meyer Prod Meyer 26500 Plow


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The Meyer Home Plow is one of the best snow plows and works well in suburban and neighborhood settings where driveways may need to be cleared regularly due to snowfall. Users can swivel and angle the blade, which is fully controlled by a wired remote control, after installing it with the front mount hitch (which is compatible with Class 3 cars). This is made possible by the hydraulic lift system that is integrated.

This is yet another lightweight plow, so small vehicles and SUVs (like the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Sequoia) won’t need to worry either.

One reviewer called it a “great product for home users and small parking spaces” and said it was well worth the extra money. I’ve been plowing snow for a while, and in 2014 or 2015, I sold my truck and plow (dumb move this year). This plow can be used rather vigorously, but don’t abuse it like a full-framed plow mount.


Weight: 245 pounds

Clearing width: 80 inches

#2 DK2 AVAL8422

DK2 Universal 84-Inch x 22-Inch Hitch-Mounted Winch-Driven Snowplow Kit


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With its wireless remote control, the 82-inch blade on this DK2 plow can be moved, making it simple to shovel snow and clear a wide route.

The steel blade snow plow’s specialized mounting equipment allows it to be changed to the appropriate proportions for the truck or SUV that it is being installed on (which are sold separately). But because it is lightweight, the sort of vehicle isn’t really a factor.

One of my customers said, “I made banks with this not less than three feet high.” “It performed flawlessly. Although I haven’t tried another plow to compare it to, this one is unquestionably appropriate for me. I enjoy how simple it is to use. The wireless remote is a nice touch. I don’t require anything intricately wired and fastened to the floor or the dashboard with screws.


Weight: 283 pounds

Clearing width: 84 inches

#3 DK2 AVAL8219

DK2 Universal 82-Inch x 19-Inch Hitch-Mounted Winch-Driven Snowplow Kit


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This DK2 snow plow has the essentials that anyone will need to begin plowing, unlike many other plows that do not.

For an easy truck setup, a snow deflector, skid shoes, caster wheels, blade markings, and a wireless remote are included.

One reviewer said, “Sturdy and enjoy the winch and wireless remote.” “Added some turnbuckles from my tow hooks to the top of the mount. This provided some much-needed rigidity and stability. Very pleased thus far after two snowfalls.


Weight: 288 pounds

Clearing width: 82 inches

#4 Kolpin ATV

Kolpin ATV Switchblade Plow – 17-0000


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An ATV with a snow plow is an excellent option for modest work, especially in mountainous and challenging outdoor environments or a shorter driveway. There are no plow marks because it is for a smaller motorized vehicle, although they could be useful to have as a safety measure given the larger length.

The steel blade is strong and may even grow by an additional 12 inches from its initial size. But keep in mind that a winch is needed and is not included with the plow.

One customer said, “I put it together in under two hours. “I installed the mount brackets in the proper arrangement after effortlessly aligning the plow. It has thus far weathered the winter in Maine. Even moist, heavy snow was easily moved by it.


Weight: 112 pounds

Clearing width: a 48-inch blade that can expand to 60 inches

#5 SnowBear Snow plow 324-080 82″

SnowBear Personal Plow - 82in. x 19in Model# 324-080


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There are a few features that make this SnowBear snow plow great for stormier days. First, its snow deflector caps the amount of spray that kicks up while plowing. It’s also remote-controlled, so there’s no need to go outside and manually adjust the plow.

However, to make plow installs complete, shoppers will need to buy the mounting gear, including the receiver hitch, separately. One of the advantages is that this is an inexpensive plow.

“The feature we like is the remote that can raise and lower the plow from inside the truck cab,” wrote one reviewer. “We have had the plow for about a month and had to wait for recent snow storms to use it and it worked great. The price was right for our snow requirements as well and we got it when it was on sale.”


Weight: 370 pounds

Clearing width: 82 inches

#6 Nordic Auto Plow

Nordic Auto Plow LLC Lawn Tractor Plow, 49' L


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While pretty much any truck or SUV can sport a plow up front, not all cars are created equal. But the truth is you can plow even with a compact car or sedan. All you really need to worry about is weight in installation, but the Nordic Auto Plow weighs just over 50 pounds and straps itself to any front end with tough straps and bungee cords. Plus it’s cheaper than a snow blower, so it’s really quite economical.

Joe F who drives a Ford F150 says:

The Nordic Plow works just as well as advertised. It is a very nice piece of equipment and will save me countless hours and money in the long run. And it’s made in the USA which I love and backed with a warranty. Can’t ask for more than that!


Weight: 58 pounds

Clearing width: 49 inches

Do I Even Need A Snow Plow?

Yes, you do, as snow plows are the best snow removal tools for quickly clearing big areas because they can move or carry the largest snow mounds.

So you can’t find commercial clients without a plow. In case you didn’t know, business clients tend to sign longer contracts and pay higher prices.

After everything is resolved, let’s address your following inquiry, “Which plow should I buy? ”

That depends on the market you’re trying to penetrate with your services. There are three different sorts of plows, and each one is appropriate for a different kind of snow company:

  1. Light plows: If you intend to clear driveways, a light plow will do.
  2. Heavy plows: are necessary if you need to manage large parking lots or other business areas.
  3. Medium plows: If your clientele is mixed (commercial and noncommercial), you should acquire medium plows, which aren’t perfect but work well for even the largest parking lots and smallest driveways.

Light plows are composed of plastic or other light metals and are only 6 to 7 feet wide. In contrast, heavy plows are built of harder metals and come in sizes up to 10 feet wide.

The 7 to 8-foot broad medium plows are built of a heavier material than light plows but are still lighter than heavy plows.

Snow Plows for Trucks—Buying Guide

It’s frequently advisable to visit a local dealer for a guided buying experience if you want personalized choices or ones that best fit the frame of the specific vehicle. It is feasible for customers who are aware of their needs to get a premium snow plow online. When making an in-person purchase, many websites also have customer support agents who can be equally helpful. Additionally, it’s critical to be knowledgeable about the various plow and blade types available; below, we go over some fundamentals.

Types of Snow Plows

Straight-blade plows, V-plows, and snow pushers are the three basic varieties of snow plows.

Straight Blade Plows

These are perfect for locations like a driveway or a small parking lot. They have a linear blade that propels snow forward and has the ability to collect it into a mound or pile. They are widely used and lightweight enough to work with various sizes and weights of vehicles, which makes them popular.

V Plow

These plows’ names correspond to the configuration of their blades. They form a V together, which fans out and pushes snow away from the car. These are excellent for longer and wider spaces since they fan the snow out rather than simply scooping it up and moving it ahead.

Snow Pusher

These substantial plows, often referred to as containment or box plows are typically mounted on big tractors or trucks. They have fixed sides that keep snow inside and push the accumulation into compact mounds in a designated area. They are frequently employed for clearing huge industrial areas, busy streets, and parking lots.

Depending on the price point that consumers are looking to pay, plows frequently offer a number of features. Skid shoes and plow markers are very common, however hardwiring that may be set up inside a truck’s cab and movable or extensible wings may cost significantly more.

Are V plows better than straight plows?

Snowbanks are broken by a V-plow. If a snowstorm develops, you might come across another plowing machine. While straight plows can become stuck against thick snow banks, blade V slices through dense snow.

Is a poly plow better than steel?

When compared to stainless steel, poly has a significant “slickness” advantage. It indicates that ice and snow stick to plastic plows more so than to stainless steel plows.

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