Best swing sets under $500

best swing setsThe best swing sets for your backyard are an excellent idea for children to stay safe during the time of Covid19. In 2022, no parents is going to take chances with their children’s safety, as everyday cases are revealed because of Covid 19. The top swing sets under $500 can also get your children involved in enjoyable activities and help keep them healthy.

In this regard take the time to deck your outdoor space with top swing sets under $500, or playsets so children can have fun at home.

But good quality swing sets can cost up to a thousand dollars. To ensure kids’ security and to assist parents, we’ve compiled this list of 6 top swing sets under $500, along with the right buying guide.

1. Swing-N-Slide PB 8360

Swing-N-Slide PB 8360 Ranger Wooden Swing Set with Swings, Brown (Amazon Exclusive)

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The Swing N Slide Ranger PB8360 Wooden Swing Set is among the best wooden swing sets since it’s made by a well-known brand and comes at a reasonable price. It is made of cedar which is among the most durable materials that can last for a long time.

This set of swings is ideal for kids from 10 to 10 years old. The set includes two swing seats as well as a ring/trapeze bar combo swing that include coated chains that are not prone to pinching. The three swings can support up to 115 pounds , and the chains can be adjusted to provide different heights.

It is designed with an angled frame to provide added stability. The dimensions of the entire frame are the size of 104″ x 92″ x 8″. It is a great fit for smaller backyards, and is an outstanding value for the price.

2. XDP Recreation The Titan Outdoor Backyard

XDP Recreation The Titan Outdoor Backyard Toddler Playground Swing Set with Slide, 2 Swings,...

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The product was launched through XDP Recreation, specially made out of foam with alloy steel frame material to ensure safety and coated with yellow coloring.

Additionally, it comes to several swing set, including a steel trapeze bar, as well as blow-molded (high dense) slide for a secure landing and security. Additionally it has a seesaw that can be used for two.

The total area of the backyard with this swing set measures 136(L) by 96(W) (H) 74(H) in inches. It is suggested for children aged 3 to 8 years old children. It is simple to put together and is safe from damage.

It’s a fantastic option that has numerous features and a budget.

3. Sportspower Albany Metal Swing Set

Sportspower Albany Metal Swing Set with 2 Adjustable Swings, Glider and Slide with Slide

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Let’s take a look which has several additional highlights. In addition to two Sling Swings and a 5-foot slide, there’s a built-in trampoline as well as a glider swing in addition. Sure, your child will enjoy these additional play areas.

In comparison to the previous in comparison to the above, when compared to above, foam leg protector, the metal frame, and chain that is pinch-free create a sturdy and durable set of swings, even for the older children. There isn’t any doubt about the safety of this set.

With all these advantages, 6 children can play simultaneously and play playing together.

4. FITNESS REALITY KIDS 8 Station Sports Series

Fitness Reality Kids Sports Series Outdoor 8-Station Playground Set - Comes with Swing Set, Slide,...

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Ultimate Metal Swing Set is constructed of 2″ tube steel that has been powder coated to hold 9 kids at each time. It covers 13×9 feet in your yard with equipped with feature-packed play stations.

It comes with an slider 32″ flying saucer, 36″ Trampoline and a two-person glider, basketball hoops and backboard soccer net with ball, 1 swing and a monkey bar that has handles. These 8 fun activities are designed to keep your kids engaged and well-nourished and at home.

A swing that is unbeatable in quality and value. best choice , and offers the most price if you’re on the tightest budget.

5. Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill

Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set, Made for Small Yards and Younger Children, Two...

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The fifth swing set we have is the Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill wooden swing set. Backyard Discovery is a perfect-sized swing set for your kids in the backyard with rock wall, with the perfect amount of features as well. Backyard Discovery swing set features a slide, two swing beams, a chalkboard, and a climbing rock wall.

This swing set is made from 100% cedar and is an ideal starter swing set for kids ages 3-6. There is a covered upper deck to keep protected from the sun, and it’s resistant to rot and decay. We love the many features of this swing set because your kids can all share the fun and stay preoccupied.

If you’re unsure of the best design for a swing set to get your kids, you can never go wrong with a couple of swings and a slide. It’s enough to keep them busy and having fun and shares the swing set the more features there are. Overall, an ideal starter swing set.

Buying Guide – What To Look For Best Swing Sets

There are a lot of swing sets available on the market. In truth, if you’re on a tight budget, choosing the right playground for the children is a hassle.

If you’re unable to determine which direction to go to start, this buying tips to address your questions.

Space Availability

There’s no point purchasing a large swing set larger than what you can fit for your garden. Also, don’t be tempted that you can bring an outdoor swing set that is close to the size of your yard.

Furthermore, nobody would want to cover the entire yard to accommodate your swing. So, I’d advise you to take measurements of your yard, and then keep the area you want to leave space.

Material of Swing Set

The two most commonly used materials used for manufacturing your swing set are steel and wood. Metal frames can be found in a range of designs and colors. They also require low maintenance, however they may rust over time and are more expensive than wooden ones.

Wooden is the main material used in the frame along and the other components that hold the frame together. They are favored because due to their strength and their long-lasting quality. They also give a natural appearance.

Number of Children

Do you have a large family or just a small one? These swing sets are built to be able to handle 2 children up to 10 children. If you’re the kind of family that welcomes guests You’ll want a feature-packed swing set.

Therefore, you’ll require an outdoor swing set that can hold more seating. Swing sets have slides, swings, the monkey bar and glider trampoline, and more. Consider the features you can afford within your budget prior to looking at swing set.

Age of Children

Every swing is suitable for 3-12 years old children. Consideration of the future uses for your swing set must be considered because it is not a good idea to allow your child to grow out of their swings in just a few years.

Are Wooden Or Metal Swing Sets Better

The the most frequently addressed is whether wooden set or a steel one is more suitable. Every type of swing has its advantages and disadvantages and, while it’s an issue of personal preference but there are some details that you must be aware of in order to your decision.

The biggest advantage of a metal swing sets is that it’s generally less costly than the wooden equivalent. Metal is more durable and requires less effort after initial set-up.

There are problems with stability that are associated with metal swing sets. The majority of them require additional steps to ensure they won’t fall over and also to ensure that they are stable. They’re not as customizable like wooden sets and are less durable than wooden furniture.

After we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of swings made from metal. We now move on to the wooden version.

How Long Do Wooden Swing Sets Last

Wood swing sets are able to last for up to 20 years in the right conditions. While this kind of set is typically more costly and difficult to put together but it’s an investment that could last for longer than two decades or for up to 40 years in certain cases.

This is quite a long time than the typical 15 years of the metallic kind.

The longevity of a wooden swing set is determined by the type of wood it is made from, and how well protected from elements. The most popular types of wood are redwood and cedar.

It is because they are naturally resistant to insect invasion or disease and also decay. It is an inherent safeguard for wood, preventing decay that may occur when it is in the outdoor environment.

The ones made from pine or spruce are used by some businesses, however they’re not as long-lasting and require more maintenance.

Wood that has been treated and preserved has a long life span However, there are disadvantages for this type of wood used for children’s swing sets. The treatment is comprised of chemicals that help preserve the wood.

Children who play with during play could be susceptible to harmful chemicals such as preservatives.

How Much Weight Can A Wooden Swing Set Hold

This is an important query to ask regarding any swing set made of wood you’re contemplating. The weight limit varies from one set of swings to another. The range of weights is typically between 100-200 pounds per swing.

The weight capacity of the entire set is 600-800 pounds, however, this will depend on the kind of wood utilized, the structure and how the reinforcements are constructed.

It’s best to inquire with the manufacturer to know the amount of the weight of each swing can hold each. It is recommended to choose sets that are designed to handle the weight of the most hefty adult or child that is using the set for safety.

Wooden Swing Set Measurements

The dimensions of a durable wooden swing set are crucial to ensure that it fits in the space you have set aside and also to make sure that it is large enough to accommodate your family.

This is the reason it’s crucial to study the specifications and measurements of your swing set as well as the components it comes with before making the final decision.

The majority of the best wooden swing sets under $500 come with smaller sizes as opposed to the more elaborate models. In this price range, you’re likely to see simpler configurations or simple sets if the quality of the wood is good.

If you can’t find a good discount, expect to discover sets with just only a few swings and only a few additional features.

If you’re willing to sacrifice the cost of some features to get an increased number of swings, or play items there’s best wooden swing sets that offers more.

The more expensive the more expensive the set. This is the general rule generally, however there are some companies that use pressure-treated wood by non-toxic chemical compounds.

There are also less expensive woods that might not last as long however, with more care and attention they could last for several years. This is a kind of trade-off that is usually used.

Wooden Swing Set Maintenance

The amount and the type of care your swing set needs will depend on the kind of wood it’s constructed of. The types of wood that require minimal maintenance are redwood and cedar.

They are the most effective protection against rot and pests But there are other maintenance tasks that every wood swing set must keep as new

Check the swing set on a regular basis. We suggest doing this at least once per month. Have a closer look at your swing chain, the plastic components, and the tiny hardware that holds everything together. Check all is in operating condition.

If you notice an edge that is sharp, loose screws or other damage, you should try to fix the problem quickly so that the problem doesn’t get any worse. Check that all nuts, screws and bolts are secure and securely fastened.

Check for cracks, rough spots, and splitting. If you spot some of them, you should sand them out or repair the cracks as soon as you notice them. If your set is in warranty, and you find dry rot, you should contact the manufacturer immediately to request the replacement piece.

How Do You Protect A Wooden Swing Set

The wooden swing sets are susceptible to the wear and tear on the environment. They are subject to the harsh UV rays, winds rain, hail, and snow. The most crucial actions you can take is stain and seal your wood, no matter what type of wood.

This provides a waterproof layer that minimizes the impact of weather. it will extend the life of the set

Staining and sealing must be completed within 60 to 90 days following the time when the construction of your swing set is completed. Some sets come with pre-sealed seals and sealed, which means this is an activity that you don’t have to do for at least a year.

On average , wooden swing sets should be sealed up to every two years to ensure maximum safety.

There are two kinds of products that are ideal for the sealing of wood sets. They are water-based or oil -based. Although neither is necessarily superior over the other one, you’re best to choose the one that is guaranteed to waterproof the surfaces.

The sealant is intended designed to be used on wood surfaces. Avoid getting it on metal, plastic or rubber components.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Wooden Swing Set

Think about how many children are likely to use the swing set and consider how many swings you’ll need to be able to handle everyone. If you’re part of a family with three or two kids it is best to ensure that there’s a swing, or at the very least an item of equipment for each one of them.

Think about the design that the swing set is in. Wooden sets can be found with numerous equipment configurations. They can be strictly swings while others come with rings, slides and a teeter-totter or the merry-go-round accessories. Select the one with the most practical features and fit affordable for you.

Consider the weight that the set is required to handle. It is possible to do this by dividing the weight of every person who is using the set by the amount of accessories that can be utilized at the same time.

If you have children who are heavy make sure you are using a set suitable for the entire weight and even more. For instance swings can be able to accommodate up to 100 pounds, or as high up to 200 pounds. It’s also important to ensure that the set you choose to use is suitable for your age.

Best Brand Of Wooden Swing Sets

The wooden swings are produced by many different brands, however they don’t all have a good reputation in terms of safety and quality. It is recommended to do some research on brands you’re familiar with.

Ainsley is the name that provides the best wooden swing sets under $500. Ainsley is the only brand that can compete with the price, but still provide this quality.

The company makes use of cedar wood, which is among the most durable options for durability, strength and resistance to pests common to the area like termites.

Best Quality Wooden Swing Sets

If you are looking for the highest quality There are a few aspects to consider. The kind of wood employed is one of the best indicators of quality of the set. Pick a set made from redwood or cedar for the longest lasting life.

If you choose to purchase the wooden swing set which is constructed from pine, fir, or other wood that’s not redwood or cedar It is essential to treat the wood prior to being treated and sealed. This helps protect it against the weather.

Other materials must also be taken into consideration. If plastic components are used It is essential to ensure that they’re made of sturdy and long-lasting plastics that are able to withstand as time passes. If metal is used for chains, it should be weather-proof and, at a minimum, rust-proof.

Then, take a close look at the style. Are you able to determine if this is a swing set made of sturdy reinforcements? Does it stand up to the pressure of playing? These are the important questions you should ask and find the answers before making the final choice.

Best Affordable Wooden Swing Set

The most inexpensive outdoor wooden set will be one that is most compatible with your requirements. While price is a aspect to consider, the quality should be present to justify buying. It must be constructed of durable materials that can hold the test of time for couple of years.

The most affordable swing will come with features that ensure it is the most enjoyable to play with. It should have enough swings to accommodate the amount of children who will be playing with it, or, at a minimum provide additional accessories to ensure that everyone can play together.

Best Cedar Wood Swing Set

Cedar is among the most sought-after materials for a wooden swing set due to its resistance to deterioration as well as damage from insects and diseases. It’s also among the most costly. It is recommended to pay more than other kinds.

The most durable cedar swings have been treated with a sealant that will further ensure that the wood is protected from wind, UV or rain-related harm. Every piece of wood used inside the set comes stained and then coated with weatherproofing.

It is possible to purchase an cedar wood swing set which isn’t treated. However, you have for treatment within 90 days following installation to ensure it is secure from damage.

This could mean a bit more work, but often untreated swings are more affordable than ones that have been pre-treated , and can help you save cash in the end.

Best Backyard Wood Swing Sets

The most effective backyard swings made of wood are ones that meet your needs for security and durability. There are additional factors to take into consideration when selecting the best set.

It must be constructed of high-quality materials. When put in place the swing set needs to be sturdy, which means it will not tip easily.

Alongside safety and quality features, the furniture needs to be of the correct dimensions and layouts to work into your backyard.

This is the reason it’s crucial to read the specifications to determine the dimensions. You should think about at minimum 6 feet all around the play area, to ensure children are protected from injuries if they fall from the set. It is not a good idea to hit the wall or another object.

A swing set made of wood that will be positioned in your backyard ought to be coated with a layer of weather-proof protection. Since it’s likely to be exposed to elements, this will keep it safe from damage.

Wooden Swing Set With Slide

If you opt to buy a affordable swing set with slides, there are a couple of things you have be aware of before making your decision. Safety is the most important factor. To allow the slide to be considered safe it has to comply with certain requirements.

The slide must be constructed with durable and sturdy materials. Metal slides must be constructed of materials that resist to corrosion and rust, and there shouldn’t be cutting edges or sharp corners on the slide.

Another thing to consider is to ensure your slide durable enough to support the full capacity of the individuals who are using it. Beware of sets made of cheap materials or poor design.

Be attentive to the design and ensure that the slide has reinforcements at the correct locations, to ensure that the slide does not slide off or fall out of the rest of the set.


✅How long can a wood playset last?

The lifespan of an outdoor swing set is contingent on the proper maintenance and care. If you buy a wooden swing set that is of high-quality and long-lasting, it can last for 20 years or more.

✅At what age do children use swings?

To ensure safety, each swing set is suggested according to the age range. Most swings are suitable for three to ten years old children.

✅Do you have the possibility of putting a playset onto the ground?

If you're thinking of protect yourself from injury by placing your play set on grass you're worried about the safety. But, grass is not the ideal the ground beneath playsets.

✅Is a metal or wooden swing set more effective?

A wooden set comes with many advantages over metals. They are more shrewd and last longer than metals. If you want to enjoy more time to use your swing set, choose a wooden model.

✅How difficult is it to put together a swing set?

Making a swing set not difficult, but it can be the process is lengthy. Additionally, the amount of time required to set up the swing set depends on the amount players. However, it could take between 3 and 4 hours to put together.

✅What is the cost to put up an outdoor swing?

The cost of installing an outdoor swing set is dependent on the requirements, like the number of playstations and the what kind of material. It could be between $200 and $2000.

✅Do swings reduce the value of your home?

My opinion is that the swing set is an important factor in deciding homeowners with children. Thus it is important to have an outdoor play area in your backyard won't reduce its value. home.

✅How do you keep the wooden playset?

It can be accomplished through regular examination on swings. The first step is to maintain proper cleanliness regularly. Also, check for damages on every piece of equipment for security assurance.

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