Best wooden swing set

A wooden swing set can bring the play area to your backyard. We tested and researched the best residential swing sets available.

The Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Resident Wood Playset is our top choice. It includes a slide, clubhouse, and double glider swing and is made from sturdy cedar.

These are the top wooden swing sets.

#1 Skyfort II Cedar Wood Swing Set

Backyard Discovery, Skyfort II Playground Cedar Wood Swing Set with Playhouse Fort, Sandbox, Picnic...


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The Backyard Discovery Skyfort II is more than just a wooden swing set. Your children will have the best time ever playing on it. The wood swing set includes a large, elevated clubhouse that features a ladder, rock climbing wall, and wave slide. There is also a built-in picnic table and crow’s nest and a strong sandbox. The Skyfort is a great place to let your kids play whatever their interests are.

This premium wooden swing set is made from durable cedar wood and requires a large area for installation. Although it takes a lot of assemblies, the many features allow multiple children to use the set at once. The set was sturdy and well-made, with enough features to keep children entertained, even though it is expensive.

This product was tested by one of our staff members, who said that they were impressed with its safety and durability. Our tester said that nothing moves when kids climb into the clubhouse or swings.

Pros & Cons

  • It looks great in the backyard
  • It feels very sturdy and safe
  • This keeps kids busy for hours
  • It is not easy to set up
  • There is only one color choice for the wood
  • Expensive

#2 Gorilla Playsets 01-1064-Y

Gorilla Playsets 01-1064-Y Outing Wood Swing Set with Green Vinyl Canopy and Trapeze Arm - Yellow...


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The versatility of the Gorilla Playsets Outing Wood Swing Set will be appreciated by your children as they get older. It includes fun features such as a rock climbing wall, elevated play deck, rope ladder, and sandbox. It is recommended for children up to 11 years old. The wooden set includes two swings and trapeze bars that can be connected to the playhouse. It can hold up to 800 pounds.

The wooden swing set is constructed from sturdy wooden beams, which are pre-drilled for faster assembly. To encourage imagination and creativity, the wooden swing set comes with a telescope and steering wheel. The play deck is also covered with a vinyl canopy that protects them from the heat of summer.

Pros & Cons

  • Many features are available to appeal to children of all ages
  • Attractive cedar construction
  • 10-year warranty
  • You will need several tools to assemble the item.

#3 Gorilla Playsets 01-1057

Gorilla Playsets 01-1057 Playmaker Deluxe Wooden Swing Set with Vinyl Canopy Roof, Dual Wave Slides,...


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Two side-by-side wave slide systems provide twice the fun for your kids. You will find tons of entertainment in a small footprint, including a rock climbing wall and a heavy-duty vinyl canopy that covers the upper play deck. There is also a built-in tic tac-toe set. It has two belt swings and 1 trapeze swing.

This wooden swing set is a big DIY project. It comes with all the hardware and lumber required, as well as a detailed instruction manual.

Pros & Cons

  • Double slides
  • Set large
  • Built-in flags, telescopes, games, and other devices
  • 2 belt swings
  • Do-it-yourself assembly is required
  • Expensive

#4 Swing-N-Slide 8360

Swing-N-Slide PB 8360 Ranger Wooden Swing Set with Swings, Brown (Amazon Exclusive)


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This Swing-N-Slide set is ideal for young families or those with multiple children. Its sturdy construction and numerous swing options encourage outdoor play. Beautiful cedar frames resist the effects of insect infestation and inclement weather. Little fingers are safe with plastisol-coated, pinch-free swing chains.

The swing attachments are one of the best features of this set. They allow users to switch between a toddler swing (which must be purchased separately) or other swing designs as their children grow. It measures 6.8 feet in height, 8.5 feet wide, and 7.5 feet deep. This allows it to fit into small-to-medium-sized yards without taking up too much space.

Each swing can hold up to 115 lbs. The entire set can hold a maximum of three kids.

Pros & Cons

  • Design for versatile swing attachment
  • Swing chains that are not pinch-free
  • Refrain from insect infestation
  • Might be too small to fit older children

#5 Creative Playthings Clayton

Creative Playthings Clayton Pack 4 Wooden Swing Set (Made in The USA), with Kids Climbing Wall,...


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This American-made swing set is a great choice if you are looking for a sturdy and durable model. This playset is made with thick Southern Yellow Pine and may be the strongest wooden playset. The playset’s outstanding construction elements are not the only thing that makes it attractive. Your kids will also love it!

This large swing set features a large elevated clubhouse with a wood roof, a rock wall with a knotted cord, two levels of monkey bars, a rock wall with knotted wire, a sturdy sandbox, and a picnic table. It will be a party center for children of all ages.

It’s the most sturdy wooden swing set we tested, but it was easy to assemble thanks to the high-quality craftsmanship. Online reviewers also said it is the easiest, with no missing pieces or split wood and no poorly drilled holes. It also comes with a 15-year warranty. This swing set is sure to last.

Pros & Cons

  • American made
  • For ages 2-12
  • Made with heavy Southern Yellow Pine
  • Very expensive

What to look for in a Swing Set


Swing sets, like all large play structures, are an investment. There are many choices so you’re sure to find one within your budget. You should also remember that swing sets are intended to be used year after year. Investing now in a high-quality swing set will ensure your structure is safe and sturdy. Cedar works, a supplier of national playground equipment, recommends that consumers take an “expense approach” to purchasing a swing set based on its price. If they’re looking for something with a shorter life expectancy, they should consider an “investment approach” which is where they invest now in a better quality swing set that will last for many years.


You should plan the location where the swing set will be placed. You will need to ensure that you have enough space to build the swing set, as well as the clearance needed for slides and swings. Consider where the sun is hitting your property. It’s better for the swing set’s lifespan if it’s in a shaded area.

Heather Napier, marketing director of Backyard Discovery says “Consider accessibility and visibility to the home to allow for a watchful eye to the children playing.” She advises homeowners to get rid of any branches, pinecones, or other objects that could affect the construction.


Consider how many children are currently living with you, their ages, and the potential future. Some swing sets can hold up to seven kids while others can only accommodate one. You can ensure that your children have enough space to play and there are no tantrums or fights.


Your environment and the material of your swing set will determine how much maintenance you need. Steel frames and metal frames are more durable and can withstand the elements for longer periods of time with minimal upkeep. Plastic elements are more durable and easier to clean.

Wood is strong and durable, but it will require some maintenance each year. Cedarwood is an excellent choice because it is resistant to decay and insects.3 Cedarworks also praises the material for being both naturally splinter-free as well as long-lasting. Cedarwood is also the only wood to achieve this feat without using paints, stains, or any other chemical treatments.

Another popular choice is Chinese cedar wood, which can be used outdoors. She continues, “This wood is naturally quick growing and renewable giving us comfort throughout the years.” She recommends sealing wood products every year to extend their life expectancy and protect them from the elements.

Age Recommendations

Before you commit to a swing set, make sure that everyone is safe. If you intend to keep the swing set for the long term, then consider adding more features such as a rock climbing wall. Cedar works experts believe that children are constantly growing, so it is important to have a playset that can meet their future needs.

Final Verdict

Swing sets are great for children of all ages. It’s an investment but your children will be happy with it for many years. The Skyfort II Playground Cedar Wood Swing Set will be a great investment for multiple children.


✅What should buyers consider when buying a swing set?

High-quality materials should be the first consideration. Redwood, cedar, rust-resistant coating metals, and heavy-duty plastics are all safer and more durable. The swing set should be age-appropriate with a minimum of 8 inches between the two swings. You should have at least 5-6 feet of clearance around the swing set.

✅How do you move a wooden swing set?

Before disassembling the swing set, inspect it for rust spots or wood rot. These areas may require extra care and mark for future repairs. All major components, including frames, slides, two swings, and climbing walls, must be removed from the frame. The swing set can be disassembled into small pieces that can fit in a car. To facilitate reassembly, label all parts.

✅How can I level the ground to make a swing set?

You will need to level the area in which you intend to install your swing set. Measure the area you need to install your swing set. Then, remove any dirt and grass. Finally, dig down a few inches using a level. You may need to add sand to level out any areas that are very divided. After this, you can place your swing set in the desired location and cover it with shock-absorbing material.

✅How can I anchor a swing set?

To prevent swing sets from tipping, they must be securely anchored to the ground. There are several ways to do this. Ground anchors can be used to anchor swing sets to the ground. These anchors are similar to those you would use to stake a tent. They are also available online. Concrete may be used to anchor larger swing sets. This involves drilling a hole for each leg and then securing them with concrete. You won't be capable of adjusting the swing set once it is dry.

✅What should I put under a swing set?

A swing set can cause children to fall, so it is important to have a shock-absorbing surface underneath. Rubber mulch or vinyl are the best options for this purpose. It absorbs shock very well and won’t leave your children with splinters. You can also use sand and wood mulch to cushion falls. However, you will need to place several inches of material to get the best results.

✅How big is a swing set?

You will need to ensure that your yard is large enough to accommodate your swing set. Napier recommends that consumers allow a 6-foot safe zone around their swing set. This will help ensure that children don't get hurt while swinging on the swing set or playing with it.

✅Is it better to have metal or wooden swing sets?

It all depends on your individual preferences and needs. As long as they are properly maintained and can withstand the elements, wood swing sets can last a lifetime. They are also more customizable and don't get hot to the touch. Metal swing sets can be more affordable and require less maintenance. Metal swing sets are less maintenance than wood sets. Chipping can cause rust and lead to metal swing sets becoming less durable.

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