How Do You Clean An Aerogarden Before Starting a New Garden?

We are surrounded by tons of germs and bacteria everywhere. When you eat food, various microbes can remain there. Again, while you breathe, you inhale thousands of bacteria at the same time.

Getting rid of all of them is just impossible as breaking a star from the sky. As micro-organisms are the crucial part of an ecosystem, where there is life, they remain.

The same thing is applicable when you take care of live plants either traditionally or in a hydroponic way.

Everyone knows how common are bacterial infestation in traditionally cultivated plants. But, if you are someone who thinks a hydroponic system like Aerogarden is too safe for your plants, then the game is over.

There builds a higher chance that you no longer engage in their cleaning, which introduces to unending bacteria and pathogens in even such safest system.

So, it becomes an indisputable task for you to know how to clean your best type of gardening that would help you start a new garden again safely.

And, today, we are here for this very same purpose.

What is Meant by an Aerogarden?

An Aerogarden is a part of a hydroponic cultivation system of plants where everything is operated artificially. As a result, plants no longer depend on the natural factors of weather, for which they remain in contradiction through the traditional method.

To break through this contradiction and generate any plants on any weather throughout the whole year is the main motive of such a hydroponic system.

Coming specifically towards the hydroponic system Aeroponics, it is safer, dirt-free, and guaranteed to grow any plants. The success rate is almost 100%. Here, plants are operated with a combination of air and light. Besides, the proper amount of water supply, nutrients, and valuable things are also included.

One of its main characteristics is the grow light. By turning them on and off, alternatives for sunlight are also adjusted and fulfilled.

So, it is ultimately a total complete project if growing your plants without a single dependency on the natural factors of the environment.

Why Should You Clean an Aerogarden Before Starting a New Garden?

Why and how many times you should clean the Aerogarden are pretty linked to each other. You first need to know why you should do the job of cleaning in the very first place.

And coming towards answering this one, we have to inform you that there is scope built within your system that promotes bacteria. Even if the system is a dirt-free method, the main answer lies behind it. That is to say; the system is known to be dirt-free due to a regular and frequent cleaning job.

Cleaning is a must to save your plants from unwanted situations such as bacteria, germs, entangling of weeds, diseases, etc. However, suppose cleaning is not done correctly. In that case, there remains no difference between a traditional method and the Aeroponics system of growing plants.

Again, the frequency of the cleaning should also be considered for introducing a good cleaning session. With that being said, the system should be externally wiped down after every harvesting or planting of new plants.

Then, it also comes when you are starting a completely new garden coming out of your old Aeroponics garden. So cleaning becomes ultimately crucial at that time as well.

What Are the Required Materials for Aerogarden Cleaning?

We are generally stepping into the cleaning procedures of your Aerogarden. To ideally incorporate this, you first need to know the suitable materials required for the cleaning.

Cleaning is not any magic that will take place by blinking your eyes. You need many suitable materials for a perfect and complete cleaning job along with certain efforts and time.

Here, we discuss the required materials that would be enough to have your Aerogarden clean in just a little time:

Vinegar or bleaching powder

The best cleaning agent for your Aerogarden is vinegar and bleach. Both of them successfully kills the bacteria and make everything germ-free.

You can use either vinegar or only bleach to introduce the job. In case you can use both of them at the same time! All the ways are equally effective and end up cleaning your garden with ease.

Suppose you don’t mind putting harsh chemicals on your garden in the name of cleaning. In that case, the best suggestion is to use vinegar as an alternative.

The acidic property of vinegar is too good to kill bacteria. Vinegar may leave certain smells which will no longer stay when they go dry.

A large size plastic bowl

This one right here is as important as the cleaning agent mentioned above. That is because here, your cleaning agent will reside and stay as the cleaning solution. The parts of your Aerogarden which are needed to be cleaned will be immersed in this solution.

So, it would help if you had a significant and large-sized bowl for this. Because no parts should remain out of the solution, the details should stay there in the bowl for some time for proper cleaning.

Good quality towels

The parts of the Aerogarden which are not possible to be cleaned in the Vinegar solution are washed in this way. Here, a good quality towel is included, which has to be soft enough to clean those parts very effectively

The significant parts of this system are cleaned in this way through wiping. As a result, all the details are left ensured by cleaning both externally and internally.

Paper towels

In addition to the soft towels, you also need the presence of a paper towel. You will be cleaning and wiping all those areas that are unreachable for the thick towel with this.

But, be aware that any exposed roots are not damaged while cleaning by the paper towels as you cannot see them on those unreachable portions.

How to Clean an Aerogarden Before Starting a New Garden:  Step By Step

Now, finally comes the time when you need to put in some effort. By keeping all the necessary material ready near your hands, you can start the cleaning.

If you are thinking to put an end to your old Aerogarden and with something new like planting different plant varieties and so on, then go with these steps first:

Step 1: Unplugging your garden

First of all, before starting any cleaning job, your first need to ensure that your Aerogarden I cleared. Please switch off the mainline and open it to prevent any earthling.

If the current flow is not stopped, then hazards can arise at the time of cleaning. This is because you are introducing water and many such actions that can trigger electric shock. It will not only end up damaging your garden but can also harm you ultimately.

So, this job should never be denied and done precisely to avoid such conditions and execute a perfect cleaning.

Step 2: Dissembling the Aerogarden

Secondly, disassemble the whole Aerogarden setup for the cleaning. Dismantle them into smaller parts so that cleaning can be done at ease. If not done, cleaning would not be possible properly as one cannot reach every one of those areas to be cleaned.

Again, as you need to put the parts of your Aerogarden into the solution, they need to be small in size. So, it again becomes essential for you to disassemble them ideally.

All the parts should be dissembled from the base, and those that are not eligible should be kept as they are.

Step 2: Using vinegar or bleach for bathing

Now, the job of your cleaning agent arises. To incorporate them effectively in cleaning, first, select which one you prefer for cleaning.

After selecting one from them, take an ideal cup and separate a cup full of vinegar if you liked it. Then, take a gallon of water and mix the cup of vinegar with it. First but, make sure the water is warmed.

In the case of the bleach, do the same, which means a cup of bleach for a galloon of warm water to make the cleaning solution. If you want to go for both of them at the same time, then use half cup vinegar and half cup bleach on the very same amount of water.

Mix the vinegar or bleach with the water properly to make the solution that will teach to every corner of those parts. You can use your hands for stirring or can also use a wooden spoon.

Make sure that all the parts remain for at least 20-30 minutes into the solution. In this way, all the pathogens and harmful bacteria residing within them are removed successfully.

The size of the solution bowl should be according to the size of your Aeroponics parts.

Step 3: Sanitizing the bowl before use

Sometimes, bacteria also form inside your Aerogarden. This happens when the bowl where your plants reside gets infested with those microbes. As a result, sanitizing those bowls become a crucial part before using them for your plants.

Sanitizing is generally done by supplying water to those bowls. The water supply is executed through the motors. During the collection, ensure the water that they are warm enough for killing those pathogens inside.

Fill the bowl by ¾ portion with the warm water and apply ½ cup of vinegar or bleach to them. Then turn on the motor to continue the water supply and movement of the water within the bowl.

Continue the movement for five consecutive minutes so that the solution gets enough time to fight those bacteria. Then drain out all the water from your bowl.

As a result, the bowl becomes eligible to get filled with distilled water.

Step 4: Wiping down

For a seamless cleaning, wiping the parts with a soft towel does the job very ideally. As all of the features are not eligible to be washed out through the solution, as told before, wiping comes in handy.

Reach all those areas that are not possible to be cleaned in any other way than the towel. And, be careful for those LED lights as they are so fragile and can break down with the slightest mistake.

You can also put paper towels on wiping and those incredibly peaceful places to be reached. The parts wiped through the towels should be provided with amole drying time.

Step 5: Cleaning the pump filter

Cleaning the pump filter is slightly different, so you need a brush to execute it. Here, you need to gently use the brush to clean the filter and free it from all the weeds and roots present in it.

Then, to clean the pump stand, use a moderate wet towel to wipe out the air. The scrubbing should now leave any parts of the roots on the filter

Step 6: Removal of the parts from the vinegar solution

While doing all the other activities, the features that have been submerged into the solution becomes eligible to be removed. No more than 20-30 minutes are required to clean them properly.

After their removal, prepare them for rinsing. During this, all the vinegar or bleach solutions that remain stuck to the parts are washed away through the water.

Don’t forget to place a stopper on the sink. It will restrict the tiny parts of tour Aerogarden from getting washed away by the water.

After the rinsing, allow them to air dry. Place them on your towel to let them dry. For even a quicker result, you can wipe them with a dry towel.

Step 7: Reassembling the Aerogarden

By ensuring that all the parts are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and dried, put them into reassembling. Then, to again make them eligible for use, reassemble them according to the manual given in your instruction book.

Following the manual will make the task easy as every Aerogarden has different instruction books. After you have reassembled properly, plug in the connection and also connect the motor with your system.

If you have done all the things correctly, then your Aerogarden will work just like before. You can grow your existing plants healthily and robustly or start utterly new gardening now that it is ready.

Final Words

If you plan to grow a new crop in the Aerogarden, you must clean the previously used one perfectly. Proper cleaning will remove contaminations, fungal spores, and all other substances from the Aerogarden.