Best Extension Cord for Leaf Blower in 2022

There is no single extension cord to meet all needs. Choosing the best extension cord for leaf blowers depends on your lawn size, daily usage, etc.

Some customers spend extra to get a heavy-duty extension cord for outdoor use. A good purchase decision and value for money.

Whether you want to power the BBQ in summer, run a mower, or illuminate Christmas lights, an all-purpose extension cable serves all your needs.

In this blog post, I have provided a list of top-quality extension cords for leaf blowers and other outdoor jobs. The items vary in size and features to suit different chores.

I have also provided a concise buying guide and some FAQs for first-time buyers. You may read them all to choose the best item, as per your needs.

Top 10 Extension Cord for Leaf Blowers

#1. Iron Forge Cable 100 Foot Outdoor Extension Cord

IRON FORGE CABLE 100 Foot Outdoor Extension Cord - 12/3 SJTW Heavy Duty Yellow 3 Prong Extension...

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This sturdy long 100ft extension cable is made for long-duration use. It offers unbeatable performance when using gardening tools. The heavy-duty 15amps and 125V power capacity make it the best extension cord for the Toro leaf blower.

The outdoor extension cable features a 3-prong grounded plug that protects the users from electric shocks.

Key Features

  • Bright yellow vinyl SJTW covering
  • Power on/off indicator on the female end
  • -40°F to 140°F temperature range
  • 12-gauge diameter with 3 wires

#2. Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord with 3 Lighted Outlets

Amazon Basics 100-Foot 3-Prong Vinyl Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord with 3 Outlets - 15 Amps, 1875...

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If you are in a hurry, Amazon Basics 100-Foot Heavy-Duty Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord is our top choice for running leaf blowers in large yards. This is a 12-gauge heavy-duty extension cord made for extreme outdoor jobs. It is an ETL-listed item complying with the American safety standards.

The sturdy SJTW outer covering protects the copper wires from moisture, sunrays, and abrasion damages. The extension cable also works with other gardening tools when not using the leaf blower.

Key Features

  • Radiant SJTW orange jacket
  • 15amps/125V power
  • Power supply indicator on the female end
  • Wear-resistant plugs

#3. Best Heavy Duty 100ft Extension Cord For Leaf Blower

UltraPro 100 Ft Extension Cord, Double Insulated, Grounded, Heavy Duty, 16 Gauge, General Purpose,...

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This extension cable features a secure vinyl jacket combined with a double insulation system. Besides powering a leaf blower, this heavy-duty cord can provide an uninterrupted electricity supply to jigsaws, hand drills, and other equipment.

The long cord with a sturdy molded plug holds firmly on the electricity board when working in a large garden area.

Key Features

  • 16 AWG rating
  • Double-insulated cable
  • 10amp/125V power input
  • High-visibility vinyl orange covering
  • UL listed

#4. Clear Power 16/3 SJTW 3-Prong Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord

Clear Power 100 ft 16/3 SJTW 3-Prong Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord , Orange, Black Connector, Water...

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Clear Power 100ft extension cable with 3-pronged grounded plug is one of the trusted items you can use for years. Its power configuration matches the requirements of running a Worx battery-operated leaf blower.

The multipurpose cord is also beneficial for powering electric leaf blowers, outdoor fountains, and Christmas LED lights. The brass blades with nickel coating prevent damage due to bending.

Key Features

  • 10amps/125V power supply
  • SJTW rated and UL/CUL certified
  • Vibrant orange jacket
  • Works perfectly within -40°F to 140°F temperature
  • Corrosion-resistant brass blades with nickel coating

#5. Yellow Jacket 12/3 Heavy-Duty 15-Amp Premium SJTW Contractor Extension Cord

Yellow Jacket 2885 12/3 Heavy-Duty 15-Amp Premium SJTW Contractor Extension Cord with Lighted End,...

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This item features a warm yellow covering to keep pace with the color-specific brand name. It is the best extension cord for a 12amp leaf blower and other electrical gardening tools. The multipurpose OSHA-approved cable works seamlessly with drilling machines, table saws, etc.

Key Features

  • 12-gauge wire
  • 3-prong plug
  • 15amp power
  • OSHA certified
  • Works with heavy-duty equipment
  • 100ft cord for large premises

#6. Iron Forge Cable 10 Gauge Lighted Outdoor Extension Cord

Iron Forge Cable 50 Foot Lighted Outdoor Extension Cord - 10/3 SJTW Yellow 10 Gauge Extension Cable...

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If color esthetics is on your mind, this Iron Forge outdoor extension cable offers a few options. This item is yellow but, there are other colors for the same model at the Amazon store- green, orange, and black.

Depending on your needs, you may choose a short or long extension cord on this page. Iron Forge extension cords are available in various sizes ranging from 3ft to 200ft.

The outer covering is made of vinyl thermoplastic material to protect the all-copper wiring from water, abrasion, and weather impact.

Key Features

  • 10-gauge wire
  • 3-pronged plug with power indicator
  • 15amp/125V power capacity
  • Flexible vinyl SJTW jacket

#7. GoGreen Power 16/3 100 Ft Outdoor Extension Cord

GoGreen Power GG-13700BK 16/3 100’ SJTW Outdoor Extension Cord, Black, 100 Ft

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If you are looking for a multipurpose extension cord, this item is a trusted product. It is 100ft long to support working through extended landscape areas. The best part, it is configured for leaf blowers of the same brand- Go Green.

However, you can use this extension cable with several other power tools- weed wacker, power drills, power washers, snow vacuums, snow blowers, DJ systems, patio string lights, lawnmowers, hand saws, etc.

Key Features

  • 10amps/125V input current
  • 16-gauge wire
  • Molded plug and socket
  • Vinyl SJTW jacket

#8. Southwire Water Resistant 12/3 Extension Cord

Southwire 2549SWUSA1 100-Feet, Contractor Grade, 12/3 Extension Cord, With Lighted End; Red White...

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One extension cord does not fit all leaf blower models. This contractor-grade 12-gauge cord is made in the USA. It is the best extension cord for Black and Decker leaf blowers. The light indicator on the female connector shows the power supply in the wires.

Key Features

  • 15amp input power and 125V voltage
  • Patriotic American ÄôS hued wires
  • Flexible, waterproof vinyl coating is protective against wearing and UV-rays
  • UL and CUL listed product

#9. Snow Joe 14/3 50-Feet SJTW Outdoor Extension Cord

Snow Joe PJEXT50-B Power Joe 14/3 50-Feet SJTW Outdoor Extension Cord with Lighted End, Yellow

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If you are looking for an extension cord for a small yard, Snow Joe PJEXT50-B offers a seamless experience with your snowblower. This extension cable works efficiently at extremely low and high temperatures (-40°F to 167°F).

The SJTW thermoplastic vinyl covering protects the copper wires from water contact, UV radiation, and abrasion.

Key Features

  • A 14-gauge cord with 3 conductor wires
  • Lighted female end
  • 15amps power input
  • ETL listed and OSHA approved

#10. Clear Power Heavy Duty Extreme Cold Weather Outdoor Extension Cord

Clear Power 100 ft Heavy Duty Extreme Cold Weather Outdoor Extension Cord 12/3 SJTW, Lighted...

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Temperature fluctuations can be a problem if you are working with low-cost wires. Clear Power heavy-duty extension cords can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140°F. The item works great in 2-4 hardiness zones where temperatures drop severely in winters.

Key Features

  • Bright red outer jacket for acute visibility
  • Inner brass blades with nickel coating
  • Sturdy connector with power indicator
  • 12-gauge cord
  • UL tested and CSA certified product for use in USA and Canada

Things to Consider Before Buying Extension Cord for Leaf Blowers

A long array of extension cords at the online store product gallery creates confusion when picking an item. Some low-cost products can cause overheating issues, while a high-power cable may damage your equipment.

We have compiled this comprehensive buyer’s guide based on years of hands-on experience in using various extension cords in the yard.

Material and Endurance

Extension cords for outdoor use are exposed to various forms of adversities. High-quality items are made of weather-resistant, durable materials for protection against periodical wear and tear, extremely high and low temperatures, oils, etc. Expensive heavy-duty products contain reinforced blades to withstand severe conditions.

Thickness- Wire Gauge

The thickness of an extension cord (called wire gauge) is determined by its American wire gauge (AWG) rating. Short thicker wires usually have low AWG numbers and high-end power delivery capacity. Conversely, long extension cords are thin, have high AWG ratings, and lower power capacity.

When choosing the extension cord for outdoor uses, it is vital to get the one matching the amperage of the equipment. Running too high or low power into electronic tools can be hazardous (overheating, fires, equipment damage, etc.).

Power Capacity Specifications- Amperage & Volts

The amperage and volt of the extension cord determine the safety of your leaf blower, very similar to the wire gauge.

The amperage of the leaf blower shows the required rate of power flow through the conductor (copper wires) for proper functioning. Most leaf blowers run on 7amp or 12amp motors.

Volt measurement of the leaf blower shows the required amount of electric force. Li-ion battery-operated models generally run on 20V-40V power.

Always check the power specifications of your outdoor equipment before buying extension cords.

Length of the Extension Cord

You must choose the extension cord length depending on your yard size. For big yards, homeowners prefer choosing a 100m cord.

Long extension cords are thinner, allowing low power transmission. This works well to run a leaf blower without problems.

Compliance with Safety Standards

Check for the W rating that certifies the extension cord for outdoor use. Purchasing UL tested and ETL/CSA certified cables ensure the product is made with keen attention to safety standards.

Some extension cords boast safety features such as:

  • Double insulation to prevent shocks
  • Child safety plug sockets for firm plugging (plugs with socket require much force for unplugging)

Extension Cord for Leaf Blowers- FAQs

Q1. How to Use Extension Cord Properly?

When using a leaf blower attached to an extension cord, it is vital to focus on specific safety measures.

  • Keep your extension cord plugged in only during use. After completing your task in the yard, remove the cable and wind it up for secure storage.
  • Never use outdoor cords for indoor jobs. There is a difference in the features of extension cords for outdoor use and indoor jobs.
  • Never plug one extension cord into another. This can lead to overheating and fire breakouts. Buy a long extension cord based on your yard size.
  • When attaching the extension cord to your leaf blower, double check the plug is inserted firmly into the socket.
  • Always store the extension cord in a dry place. When connecting and using the leaf blower with an extension cord, keep attention to spreading the wires over dry surfaces.

Q2. What Gauge Extension Cord Should I Use for a Leaf Blower?

Obviously, you need an outdoor extension cord for working with a leaf blower. Ensure the extension cord has a W rating (for outdoor use).

Standard leaf blowers require 12amp power to run efficiently. It is best to get the 14-gauge (14AWG) extension cord for the leaf blower. Some homeowners also connect 16-gauge extension cords with leaf blowers. However, we recommend choosing a 14-gauge item. Another advantage of buying a 14-gauge extension cord is that you can use it with other gardening equipment too.

Q3. Which is better 10 Gauge or 12 Gauge Extension Cord?

The lower the American wire gauge rating, the thicker will be the copper conductor of the wire. 10-gauge extension cords are heavy-duty items for long-term use.

Choosing between a 10-gauge or 12-gauge extension cord depends on the type of electrical connectivity and power supply required. These are rugged extension cords for heavy to extremely heavy-duty commercial applications. Such extension cords are widely used for running chainsaws, air compressors, bucket vacuums, etc.

Q4. What is the difference between 12,14,16 gauge extension tools?

Cord Length Wire Gauge Amperage
25-50ft 16 gauge 1-13amps
  14 gauge 14-15amps
  12 gauge 16-20amps
100ft 16 gauge 1-10amps
  14 gauge 11-13amps
  12 gauge 14-15amps
150ft 14 gauge 1-7amps
  12 gauge 8-10amps
  10 gauge 11-15amps

Final Thoughts,

Extension cords come in various configurations and features to extend the power supply to your appliances and equipment. You need an extension cord for outdoor use to work with a leaf blower in the lawn space.

There are various types of leaf blowers running on electricity and battery. The power requirement may vary from one model to another.

Choosing the extension cord for your leaf blower depends on the lawn size and your equipment power specifications.

Our top priority is to inform you about the essential safety measures when using an extension cord with outdoor tools. To ensure a safe user experience, we have included only the best picks (safety standard compliant items) in this review article.

Buying an extension cord with an eye on the details will keep your leaf blower in good condition. Follow our tips so that you stay safe and keep your yard clean.

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