Best Front Tine Tiller 2022 – Reviews with Buying Guide

We often face a common problem when tilling the soil in our garden that either includes a faulty engine or, even worse, a noisy one. A lot of people think the more powerful the tiller, the noisier it will be.

However, after testing different types of tillers thoroughly, we have come to the conclusion that that’s not always the case.

To put a stop to such baseless assumptions and to make tilling more convenient for you, we have picked the 3 best tine tiller available for purchase in 2021.

Not only are they easy to use, but they also come with a robust engine that can last for years on end. So, browse through them all until you find a favorite!

Best Front Tine Tiller Reviews

Choosing one out of the three ain’t going to be easy, but it’s much easier than choosing from a list of 10, no? Let’s dive in.

1. Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller Cultivator with 99cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine

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This first brand has a variety of tillers within a wide range of prices. If you’re low on budget or you preferred old-fashioned tillers, then they have a series of push mowers for you.

If the price is not a problem for you, then they have various walk-behind mowers with self-propelled engines. They have also included the Smart Drive system, which lets you set the speed of the tiller based on your comfort. Their Twin Blade Micro-Cut system allows you to mow the grass with perfection.

They are renowned for their battery-powered tillers as it pardons you the risks and annoyance of tripping over a cord while mowing. Its immensely powerful brushless motors deliver the performance and efficiency of a 160cc engine.

Regardless of the machine’s power, it allows you to mow your lawn in peace and silence — no need for earbuds or noise-canceling headphones anymore. Certain models have the ability to smoothly cut through thick grass due to their innovative twin blades.

This product is globally renowned as one of the best riding tiller brands. Besides smaller tillers for your personal yard, It has a series of riding mowers for mowing large areas. They have special models for mowing golf fields and other sports fields.

Their tillers are fitted with an exclusive TechControl display which enables you to control the speed and frequency of clips. They also have zero-turn mowers suitable for urban yards and are cheaper. This enables you to cut grass more precisely while you lay back in the comfortable seat, cruising at up to 7 mph.

• Versatile
• Ease of use
• Powerful engine
• Quiet operation
• Long-lasting construction

• Tine bolts might shear off

2. Tazz 35310 2-in-1 Front Tine Tiller/Cultivator

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This brand offers a wide range of choices, starting from walk-behind mowers to riding lawn mowers, depending on the size of your property.

Some models are equipped with an innovative ClearCut cutting deck that can mow grass to precision, especially on uneven terrain. They also have a series of automated tillers which don’t even require you to monitor it.

The robotic mower is designed to trim the grass on a pre-programmed schedule. Its program changes periodically based on the length of the grass, so it makes your lawn look pristine.

Tazz has several user-friendly models of tillers at convenient prices. They have a large variety of heavy-duty riding and push mowers. The engines run on PoweReverse technology which adjusts to your walking speed.

Now you can stop mowing, rake in the debris, and start mowing again without having to worry about restarting the engine. Their specially designed twin blades cut grass effortlessly, almost within half the time you need with other mowers. The engine is said to be highly reliable as most of the models come with guarantees.

This highly rated brand hardly has any cheap mowers in its catalog. That’s because of their consistent quality and durable design. Each tiller engine is tested to its limits before being shipped off for sale.

This ensures that consumers get their money’s worth. These tillers are also significantly better at mulching grass, which retains the nutrition of the soil. This is because of their AeroForce deck fitted with premium blades that also undergo rigorous certification.

• Better maneuverability
• Durable construction
• Robust engine
• Multipurpose
• Gas-powered

• Requires some assembly

3. Troy-Bilt Colt 208cc Forward Rotating Front Tine Tiller

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American tillers have been in the trade since 1895 and are surely one of the most trusted companies. This age-old company is an expert in walk-behind mowers. Their electric mowers are fitted with a powerful 11 Amp engine, and adjustable handles, which lets you mow on even the toughest terrains with ease.

The tillers have sharp 14 inch blades with height adjustment options. This allows you to cut the grass with more precision and makes your yard look more defined.

They also include an attachment of grass bags which come with a level indicator that signals you when the bag needs emptying. These tillers are lightweight, environment friendly, and occupy very less storage space.

Moreover, this brand, in recent years, has taken consumers by storm with its eco-friendly iON tool series. This ingenious electric tiller is powered by a highly productive 40 Volt iONMAX battery.

Due to the latest lithium-ion technology, these tillers let you trim your yard without emitting any harmful fumes. The iON series walk-behind tillers work silently and have all-terrain wheels to easily maneuver around tight corners.

Some models even come with six different height adjustment options, giving you a whole new level of freedom to shape your lawn to perfection.

They have several walk-behind tillers, which often require very little effort to operate. These lightweight electric mowers are powered by 40V to 60V batteries which are both rechargeable and replaceable. They also come with comfortable handles, which lets you control the mower with ease, as it does its job.

• Adjustable width
• Easy storage
• Chain drive transmission
• Standard recoil start
• Better stability

• Relatively pricey

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Rear Tine Tillers

Just knowing about the best tillers on the market won’t do you any good if you don’t know how they work. You must be aware of some crucial factors that can define which tine tiller is most suitable for you.

Tine Rotation

In the past, the best tiller was a hands person. A strenuous task, people used to have to manually till the soil to get the crops ready for the next planting season. Now, people use affordable rototillers to get the job done.

Usually, the ground will be tilled in the fall. This is the best time as the soil can settle and break down over the winter. If it’s spring, you still can till the soil as long as the ground is somewhat dry. It’s recommended that you till a day or two after it rains.

This will make it easier to till due to higher levels of moisture. Now that you know why you need to till your soil, let’s talk about how to choose the right rototiller for the job.


Electric models are pretty powerful and work just as well as gas models, but you will need to be near a power source or rely on batteries. Corded and cordless models both exist.

If your garden is near a power source, an electric corded model is a great option. This means that you can till without having to worry about running out of power: battery or gas.

Cordless models are always run on battery, and that is their major downfall. If you run out of juice, you’ll need to recharge, and this can take up to 8 hours. However, for smaller gardens, a cordless electric cultivator is a great choice.

While cordless may be more convenient, the corded models are more powerful in the electric category.


When it comes to power, you’ll want to pay attention to AMP, wattage, and speed. Oftentimes, the AMP or wattage won’t be present. If they are, go for an AMP of 6.5 or higher. The higher the AMP or wattage, the more powerful the tiller will be.

As far as speed goes, this is measured in RPM. This refers to the number of times the blade goes through a full rotation.


Easy to push, weight is less of a concern now with newer rototillers. Most household models will weigh in the 20 to 30-pound range, heavy-duty tillers can be several hundred pounds. Keep the following in mind when looking at the weight of your tiller:

Lighter tillers are easier to lift for transportation and maintenance. Heavier tillers will not jump around as much when you hit a rock or other obstruction in the ground. A tiller on the heavier side is normally easier to control when cutting through heavier soil.

So if you live in an area with rocky, clay soil, a heavier tiller will be easier to manage. Most tillers have wheels, so they are easy to move from one location to another when not in use. But there are a few models like the Manis that have only the tines & a kickstand.


When you start shopping for tillers, you’ll hear a lot of talk about front-tine, rear-tine, and counter-rotating-tine tillers. Front-tine tillers place the tines at the front of the machine with the wheels in the back. The challenge with these tillers is that the wheels run over your freshly tilled earth, compacting it down.

Rear-tine tillers place the tines in the back with the wheels in the front, eliminating the problem of compaction. Counter-rotating machines have tines that go in opposite directions. All have their potential benefits and drawbacks, but most of the machines currently on the market have rear-tines.

Tilling Depth and Width

How you plan to use the tiller also dictates the type of machine you need. If you need to break up heavy, clay soil for new beds, consider buying or renting a big machine. Heavy-duty tillers often come with attachments, such as wood chippers or wagons. They’re ideal for the person who has a large yard and many projects.

Medium-size tillers work well for breaking up loam or sandy soils and for yearly garden maintenance. Small tillers work well for preparing established beds. Many small tillers have attachments like cultivators to weed the garden or lawn edgers. Some small models are surprisingly powerful.

Final Words

By now, you probably have a fair idea about all the information you need about tillers and tilling. Make sure you check all the information we have provided in the buying guide section. This will enable you to choose the best front tine tiller that goes well with the type of soil in your backyard or garden.

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