6 Best Greenhouse For High Windy Areas in 2023

Some of us take the hobby of gardening pretty seriously. And it goes to the point where we would do anything to see our plants bloom healthy and have a proper structure. Well, we struggled a lot to achieve that. Our area has strong winds all the time. Thus, when the plants grow up a bit, the stem breaks due to the wind.

But the good thing is that all hopes were not lost. Upon consulting with an expert, we found that by getting the best Greenhouse kits for high windy areas, it would be possible to finally see our saplings grow with full potential. And from then, stems getting broken for high winds are things of the past for us.

Best Overall

Palram HG5008

• High Wind Resistance
• Galvanized Steel Base
• Built-in Rain Gutters
Heavy Duty Greenhouse

Ohuhu Heavy Duty Greenhouse

• Resistant to Harsh Weather
• Roll-up Entrance
• Windproof and UV protected
Best Windproof

Eagle Peak Walk-in Greenhouse

• 2 Doors Design
• Stable & Sturdy
• Anchoring System For Wind
Best Heavyweight

Exaco Royal Victorian

• Wind & Heavy Rain Resistance
• 6" High Foundation Frame
• Automatic Window Opener
Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Veikou Aluminum Greenhouse Kit

• Rain gutters & Sliding Door
• Detachable Galvanized Base
• Heavy-duty Upgraded Frame
Best Portable

Quictent Greenhouse

• Smooth Double Zipper Design
• 8 Bases and 16 Stakes
• Snow & Wind Resistance

6 Best Greenhouse for High Wind 2022

Like any other thing, there is going to be an overabundance of greenhouses in the market. But not all of them lived up to our expectations when we did all the testing in our yard. However, some did deliver all the things that they promised. And those are as follows:

01. Eagle Peak 12’x8′ Portable Large Walk-in Greenhouse – High Wind Large Greenhouse Kits

EAGLE PEAK 12x8 Portable Large Walk-in Instant Greenhouse with Support Pole, Pop-up Easy Setup...

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Though there are plenty of models out there in the market, not many get the stability right. But Eagle Peak is certainly not one of them because they had factored the stability when manufacturing this one.


When it comes to stability, this one is pretty much rock-solid. There are heavy-duty tubes that are going to keep the entire structure highly stable.

Also, thanks to having such a high stability level, it should be capable of supporting more weight as well. In fact, the rated support is 18 pounds, which is reasonably high.

Build Quality

The frame of the unit is of high-quality tubes. And they each have a higher level of durability. Also, as they can resist rust and corrosion, they will not show any structural issues that soon.

For this good build quality, we believe that the whole structure is going to last for an extended amount of time.


There are roll-up doors, which have zippers. The zippers will ensure that the air inside is easily blocked. Also, you will find two windows on each of the sides.

Those are going to do a proper job in terms of making the air flow from the inside to the outside. Also, the windows have Velcro coverings that are easy to work with.

• The stability of the unit is rock-solid
• It can support a weight of 18 pounds
• Utilizes high-quality and durable tubes
• Tubes are resistant to rust
• Has roll-up doors

• The covers of the windows do not stay down securely
• Some of the units might ship with missing parts

Our Thoughts

We loved how stable the storm proof greenhouse is. And because best walk in portable greenhouse utilizes heavy-duty tubings, we expect this one to last for a long amount of time.

02. Outsunny 11.5′ x 10′ x 7′ Walk-in Tunnel – Windproof Greenhouse

Outsunny 11.5' x 10' x 6.5' Outdoor Walk-in Greenhouse, Tunnel Green House with Roll-up Windows,...

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While browsing through the listings, we wanted to get something that could accommodate a large number of saplings inside. And that is where we found out about this product that Outsunny was offering in the market.


One of the standout features of this one is the size. It is pretty large, and the dimensions are relatively high.

For that reason, it would be capable of covering a large amount of area. And for the large size, it holds the ability to contain a large number of saplings inside. You can also fit a good amount of pots inside.

Setup Process

Even though the unit is pretty large, setting it up will not be an issue. The parts are easy to work with, and thanks to the lightweight nature of the hardware, it will be pretty easy to put things together.


This greenhouse utilizes PE covers. These plastic covers will work like wonders in terms of protecting the inside from the harsh sunlight.

Also, these are capable of withstanding a higher breeze of wind. However, they will let the nourishing sunlight get inside.


There are roll-up windows and doors. Because of the roll-up mechanism, it will be easy to open and close them. Also, they let a proper amount of air get inside.

• Large in size
• It can contain a large number of pots and saplings
• Utilizes plastic PE covers
• Has windows and doors to ensure proper airflow inside
• Easy to install

• It might not ship with all of the parts
• Some of the units might come with damaged parts

Our Thoughts

We loved the fact that it uses PE covers that can protect the plants but do not deprive them of the nourishing sunlight. Also, the unit was pretty easy to install.

3. Quictent 12′ X 7′ X 7′ Portable – Best Portable Greenhouse Kits

Quictent 12x6.6x6.6 FT Walk-in Greenhouse for Outdoors, Heavy Duty Large Garden High Tunnel Green...

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When it comes to portability, there are not that many best greenhouse brands that can offer something recommendation-worthy. However, if you were looking for one, check this greenhouse kit out.


The unit is highly portable. All of the parts are easy to disassemble, and thanks to the lightweight nature of the parts, moving the whole thing around will not be an issue.

So, when the weather gets too harsh or when you want to move the entire greenhouse around, there will not be that much to worry about and won’t get no wind damage


Though the parts are lightweight and easy to move around, they are not one bit behind in terms of being stable once put together. And for the amount of stability they can offer, it will be possible to accommodate a large number of saplings and pots inside it.

Build Quality

All of the parts are high in terms of quality. And they make the frame achieve a heavy-duty nature, which will withstand high winds, hail and heavy snow loads like it is nothing.

Also, there is a powder coating on the exterior, which will last for a long amount of time without catching rust and corrosion.

Installation Process

Even the installation process is pretty easy. The parts are easy to work with, and it will take you a couple of minutes to put all of the things together.

• Highly portable
• The parts are lightweight but reasonably durable
• Has powder coating on the exterior
• Reasonably stable
• Easy to disassemble

• The included crossbars are not high in quality
• There are no proper windows

Our Thoughts

It is one of the most portable greenhouses we tested. And even though it is highly portable, it is reasonably durable and should last for a long time.

4. Homewell Walk-in 3 Tiers 6 Shelves – Best Spacious Compact Greenhouse

Homewell Walk-in Greenhouse Kit 3 Tiers 4 Shelves for Indoor or Outdoor Gardening with Roll Up Door...

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Don’t have the space required to accommodate one of these? Well, worry not because Homewell has got you covered in that regard.


The overall size of the unit is pretty small. And due to its compact nature, accommodating this in small and medium-sized gardens or backyards will be an effortless task.

And even though it is small in size, it has a good amount of space inside. There are six shelves, and each of them is pretty wide.


It goes without saying that something small in size is portable. Well, the same thing applies to this one. The compact nature of the unit will make it easier to move it around from one place to another.

Also, it is pretty light in weight. So, while carrying it, you will not feel like your back is going to break.

Setup Process

For having a small overall footprint, the installation process is pretty much hassle-free. It comes with easy to work with parts. And as there are not that many parts to work with, the setup process will not require that much time.


The parts are of high-quality materials. And as there is a powder coating on the exterior, there will not be any external flaws.

Also, for having a higher durability level, it achieves a weight capacity of 75 pounds. So, you can fit a good amount of pots inside.

• Compact and small in size
• The installation process is easy
• Reasonably portable
• Has powder coating on the exterior
• Can support up to 75 pounds of weight

• There are no windows
• The airflow is not optimal inside

Our Thoughts

The footprint of this one is pretty small and compact. However, it can accommodate a good amount of pots inside. The weight capacity is also up to par with the other units.

05. Exaco Royal Victorian VI34 150 – Best Heavyweight Greenhouse Kits

Exaco Royal Victorian VI34 150 Square Foot Greenhouse

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Lightweight greenhouses might not be your thing. Instead, what you were probably looking for is a heavyweight product. Well, in that case, have a look at this best greenhouse kit!


The overall construction of this one is of glass. Instead of opting for regular glass, the brand has opted for reasonably thick panels.

And the thick nature of the glass is what makes this one achieve the heavyweight trait. It is a full-fledged greenhouse.

Doors and Windows

On the front, there is a roll up door. It is pretty easy to open and close. Also, there are windows on the top of the roof. Both of them will do a proper job in terms of maintaining the right airflow on the inside.

Misting System

For being a full-fledged greenhouse, it has some extra perks. The misting system is one of them. This system will take care of the task of watering the plants. So, your saplings will stay hydrated, and the inside will have the right humidity level all the time.

Wind Blockage

The door on the front works like a charm in terms of blocking the high winds. Also, as this is a heavyweight unit, it will not blow away during the high winds.

• Utilizes heavyweight glass panels
• Resistant to high winds
• There is a sliding door on the front
• Sports windows on the top
• It has a misting system inside

• A bit large in size
• The installation process is not that easy

Our Thoughts

The heavyweight nature is truly something unique. Also, the misting system of this one will surely come in handy for most of the gardeners. And as the build quality is stellar, it is going to last for an extended amount of time.

6. Palram HG5008 – Best Hobby Greenhouse for Windy Area

Palram - Canopia Hybrid 6' x 8' Greenhouse - Silver

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Want to get your hands on a greenhouse that nails every important factor? Well, you can stop your hunt right here because Palram is one of the best polycarbonate greenhouse kits and offering something just right for you!


The manufacturer has utilized twin wall polycarbonate material for the panels. This material is pretty durable and is highly capable of withstanding high winds.

Also, due to the double-layered nature of the panels, it will do a proper job of protecting the plants inside in critical weather conditions.


It utilizes panels that are 4 mm thick. And that amount of thickness is not that common. Due to the being this thick, these are virtually unbreakable.

Also, the frame has solid build quality as well. It is of high-quality aluminum and is capable of withstanding up to 15.4 pounds of weight per square foot.

Ventilation and Water management

There are adjustable vents on the roof. Those are going to do a proper job of maintaining the right amount of air circulation inside. Also, as there are built-in rain gutters, there will be no need to worry about the inside getting flooded during heavy rains.


You will receive panels that are going to have pre-drilled holes. So, the installation process should be a breeze. Also, most of the parts will be in the ready to assemble stage. In other words, the installation process is going to be a piece of cake.

• Boasts double-layered polycarbonate panels
• The panels are 4 mm thick and not that easy to break
• There is an adjustable vent on the roof
• Has built-in rain gutters
• Easy to install

• The packaging of the unit is pretty poor
• Some of the packages might not include all of the installation hardware

Our Thoughts

This one has good overall construction. Also, we found the built-in rain gutters exceptionally useful. And the vents on the roof are going to work like a charm in terms of maintaining the right amount of airflow.

How Do You Keep a Greenhouse From Blowing Away?

No matter which Greenhouse you get, there are always some things you can do to prevent it from flying away. Wondering what things are we actually referring to here? Well, those are as follows:

Secure It with Stakes

Pegs and stakes go a long way in the case of holding down the greenhouses that are of plastic and polytunnel. Nevertheless, if the strong wind gusts are too strong, we would recommend opting for anchor stakes because those are going to be reasonably sturdy.

Bury an Extra Amount of Cover in Trenches

Most of the plastic greenhouses will have an extra amount of PVC glazing. It is possible to secure the unit by burying them inside the ground. Dig about 20 cm deep trenches and bury them. Then cover them using sand.

Use Patches

It would be possible to offer the Greenhouse an extra layer of protection by using patches. We would recommend you use duct tape and attach the reinforcement patches on both the inside and inside.

Screw the Greenhouse to a Fence

If you have a plastic greenhouse wind protection, it would be a good idea to screw it down on the wooden fence. This will offer the unit to hold onto something when the strength of the wind load is too high. Alternatively, you can use a rope to tie the Greenhouse to a fence if it is not possible to directly screw the cover into a fence.

Put paving slabs

Stacking slabs to weigh the cover down would do a good job of holding the Greenhouse when there is a high amount of wind. It will also increase the overall support of the cover. However, if you can find paving slabs, use bags of sand to weigh the cover down.

What Plants Can Survive with More Wind?

Before we got our hands on the good Greenhouse, we would use it to plant the plants that had a good capacity of resisting the wind. Also, there is a workaround to plant growth that are not that resistant to wind. And we will discuss both factors in this segment.

Plants to Protect the Vulnerable Plants

Let us first talk about the workaround we mentioned here. These are the plants that you can plant around vulnerable plants to protect them from the gust of wind:
• Redbud
• Crepe myrtle
• Mountain ash
• Persimmon
• Cabbage palm
• Pindo palm
• Dogwood
• Willow
• Japanese maple
• Bayberry
• Caroline silverbell
• Yaupon holly
• American holly
• Yaupon holly

The plants we mentioned above are basically going to act like a wind block. They have a hardy nature, which is going to work like wonder when it comes to lowering the strength of high winds or hurricane force winds. Also, the stem of them is reasonably strong. That means they are not going to break that easily.

So, if you want to grow the vulnerable plants in the high wind areas, plant these trees on the border and plant the vulnerable ones in the middle.

Plants That Can Resist Wind

Usually, all of the plants that have a flexible stem are considered to be wind-resistant. For the flexible nature of the stem, it does not break that easily. All you need to do is attach them with a stick to provide additional support, and they should grow properly even in the slightly windy area.

We are basically talking about the plants that are like crepe myrtles and palms here. These would be able to withstand the wind reasonably well. So if you are planning to grow shrubs and hardy trees, opt for these.

On that note, there are some plants that have adapted over time. These are going to have narrow leaves and short stems. For having such a shape, they are pretty much resistant to hurricane force winds and gusts. Among them, the ones we planted were ornamental grasses and conifers.

Do Best Greenhouses Need to Be Airtight?

One of the main benefits of planting trees inside the Greenhouse is that they can keep the heat inside. And this ability will come in handy during the harsh winter days. If the inside is cold and has a low temperature, the plants are going to have a hard time surviving.

And for keeping the heat inside, it needs to be airtight. If there are holes or vents open, air from the outside will find ways to get inside. And if that air does end up inside, the heat from the inside will go out. As a result, the inside will be reasonably cold, which is not ideal for plants.

On the other hand, you must ensure that the Greenhouse is not airtight in the summer. If it is in that condition, the inside will be too hot, which again is not ideal for the plants. So, the main takeaway is to keep the Greenhouse airtight during the cold winter and let the air get in during the summer.

What to Look for in High Wind Resistant Greenhouses?

This is something that will vary from one offering to another. Basically, the overall construction is going to play an important role here. There are other factors as well.

Build Quality

First, the material of the frame and the panels. Usually, the ones that have a high-quality frame have a higher amount of support. And the higher the amount of support, the higher the amount of wind it would be able to withstand.

Other than that, the panels also play an important role here. Here, the material is what matters the most. For example, the withstanding capacity of glass would be higher than polycarbonate and other materials. And the capacity of the polycarbonate would be higher than plastic.


The overall stability has a vital role to play in this case as well. Here, the stable the Greenhouse is, the lower the chances of it flying away when a strong gust of wind blows. And for getting the highest amount of stability, you need to assemble the pieces together properly.

That being said, the units with proper polycarbonate panels (like twin wall polycarbonate) and sturdy frames would be able to withstand wind gusts that are up to 56 mph. However, there are some that can withstand higher than that. And the glass ones are capable of withstanding more than 65 mph of wind gusts.

Let us get to one of the important topics — that would be the things to consider before buying a greenhouse for the high wind areas. And keeping these factors in your mind can help you get something that will actually in those high windy areas:


The first thing you should consider is the size. Not all of us have a large amount of open space for accommodating a large-sized greenhouse. In this case, you would want to factor in the overall size of your lawn or backyard and choose the one that the area will be able to fit properly.

If you happen to get something too large, you will end up having a greenhouse that you will not be able to use. However, if the area is pretty large, there will be no need to worry about the size that much.


One of the important factors for the best backyard walk in green house is the material. Here, consider the material of the frame first. Make sure that it is sturdy, or else it will have a lower level of durability. And the things that have a lower level of durability will not last that long. Also, they will have a lower resistance against wind.

Secondly, consider the material of the panels. This is the thing that will have the highest impact in terms of having higher wind resistance. The thicker and the better the material of the panels, the higher the wind resistance capability will be. Considering that, we would recommend opting for the units with thick panels.


Another important thing that should be in your consideration is ventilation. And different brands will have a different approach in this case. Some will opt for windows, while some will have built-in vents. No matter which one the unit is utilizing, make sure it can offer the right amount of airflow inside.

Without having the right amount of air inside, the temperature is going to be too high in the summer. And having too much heat inside can kill the plants, which is something you do not want, right? For that reason, consider the overall ventilation of the unit.

On that note, do check whether the ventilation system is closable or not. And if it can create a proper airtight environment inside or not. Without being able to create an airtight environment inside, the temperature inside will be too low in the winter. Like too much heat, too little of it can kill the plants as well.

Weather Resistance

The weather resistance is something that will highly depend on the panels, the better the build quality of the panels, the higher the resistance capability they will have. So, check the overall build quality and consider if they can offer good from UV rays and cold winter.


Usually, the warranty is something that will vary from one offering to another. But we would recommend opting for the ones that offer a longer warranty period because with those if anything goes wrong anytime soon, you are sure to get a full replacement.

Final Words

Now that you have a proper idea regarding the manufacturers that are offering the best Greenhouse for high windy areas, hopefully, choosing greenhoueses that can withstand snow and wind will not be that much of an issue for you. However, before choosing one, do consider the important factors.


How to protect a greenhouse from wind?

  1. Glazing repair tape on both sides of overlapping panes offers extra protection against wind.
  2. Foam tape helps make a better seal when the roof vent is closed.
  3. Make temporary repairs to damaged greenhouses to keep the wind out until you can buy replacement glazing.

How to stop a plastic greenhouse blowing away?

  1. Secure a greenhouse with fixings pegs or stakes.
  2. Bury extra greenhouse cover material in trenches.
  3. Use reinforcement patches.
  4. Screw a greenhouse to a fence.
  5. Stack paving slabs around the base.
  6. Load the bottom shelf with paving slabs.
  7. Keep a plastic greenhouse in a sheltered spot.
  8. Tape the area where the pvc attaches to metal frame.

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