Best mower for 20 acres

best mower for 20 acres

Lawnmowers have undergone several changes since the invention of manually operated push mowers, as well as larger and more powerful mowers that place less stress on the user, which have come into use in the past. Ride-on mowers go a step higher than powered push mowers by allowing the user to sit down on the mower and then drive across the backyard. These large riding mowers can be too big for smaller suburban or urban yards, however, for those with two acres of yard, it is essential to have an electric riding mower if your intention isn’t to sit for the entire day behind a mower under the scorching summer sunshine.

The purchase of a riding mower with a large deck can allow you to maintain a number of acres efficiently and quickly, or those with smaller yards may wish to consider one that has a lower deck, and more maneuverability. Check out this list of best riding mowers that can handle 2 acres. Continue going to read to know the things to consider when buying the best riding mower.

Husqvarna Z242F

The cost of riding mowers is typically thousands of dollars. So they aren’t cheap however, the Husqvarna riding mower is the lowest price of comparable alternatives. You can take advantage of this offer to buy an 18-hp, zero-turn riding machine that will maintain two-plus acres of grass. The riding mower with gas features an aluminum deck of 10 gauge that is 42 inches wide. It comes with a mulching system, but it is an accessory that must be bought separately.

The Husqvarna mower comes with an easy hydrostatic transmission that’s simple to use. It comes with a patent-pending park-brake mechanism which will be activated or be removed the brake. Relax on the comfortable driver’s seat, but prior to you start the mower, make sure that the 3.5-gallon tank of gasoline is fully filled. Be aware that the mower doesn’t come with headlights, and the task must be finished prior to the sun beginning to set.

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Pros & Cons

  • Zero-turn maneuverability
  • 10-gauge steel deck
  • Park-brake system
  • Fluid hydrostatic transmission
  • No headlights

EGO Power+ ZT4204L

There are a few issues with riding mowers that use gas are that they create lots of noise, and it is an inconvenience to travel to the gas station in case the mower is running out of fuel at the end of the work. The electronic Ego Power+ riding mower helps solve these issues with its operation at a less snoring level and employing rechargeable batteries for energy. It can be outfitted with up to six batteries in order to allow for a total run time of approximately 1 hour, but it comes with just four batteries. The two additional batteries together with the mulching kit, have to be ordered separately.

The mower comes with a charger that is able to recharge up to six batteries at once. It takes approximately two hours to recharge all six batteries, the use of a single charger makes it much simpler than having to manage six separate chargers. The engine has an output of power that is comparable to the power of a 22-hp gasoline engine, and it is a smoke-free operation. The engine also has LED headlights with dim lighting, as well as the cut deck that measures 42 inches.

EGO Power+ZT4204L 42-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower with (4) 10.0Ah...

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Pros & Cons

  • A quiet, odor-free, and fume-free environment
  • 60-minute runtime
  • Zero-turn maneuverability
  • LED lights
  • It takes 2 hours to fully recharge batteries

Ariens Edge Mower 915253

Trees, hills, valleys gardens, lawns, and decorations are just a few of the obstacles drivers must navigate using the help of a riding mower. Its Ariens Edge riding mower makes the task easier by providing a zero-turn radius, which permits the user to turn around 360 degrees while in the same spot. Drivers can swiftly turn to get over a missed grass area or use the steering that responds to their needs to move through hills, down slopes, or into valleys and around obstacles.

The riding mower is powered by an engine with a twin-cylinder capacity of 20 horsepower and runs on gasoline, but it is important to note the capacity of fuel is just 2 gallons. That means that the user will need be spending more time refilling up the tank, and less time cutting. The mower has an 11-gauge steel deck with a 42-inch width. The mower also comes with a hydrostatic transmission that is belt-free that allows for effortless control of speeds up to 6 mph.

Ariens Edge 42 inch 20 HP (Briggs) Zero Turn Mower 915253

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Pros & Cons

  • A smooth hydrostatic transmission
  • Zero-turn maneuverability
  • Powerful twin-cylinder engine
  • Strong 11-gauge deck of steel
  • Small 2-gallon fuel capacity

Ryobi Mower RY48111

If you are a fan of the quiet and cleanness of an electric vehicle You should think about purchasing the Ryobi mower. It comes with 75AH batteries with four powerful brushless motors that are high-powered, and a 42-inch deck that has two steel blades that enable users to cut as much as 2.5 acres with just one charge.

The tool comes with a sophisticated control panel that shows the battery’s level and also shows you the remaining time so you can prepare the work ahead of time. If you’re running out of energy A rear-access port for charging will allow for easy charging.

Additionally, you can activate the slow speed feature blades, slow speed, or LED headlights when cutting in low light levels through the control panel making sure you have all commands you need.

In the mower are the 40V string trimmer as well as the blower, as well as chargers, and batteries. If you find yourself in difficult-to-access terrains or hills use the trimmer and then tidy up the mess with the blower.

I find this to be extremely helpful, particularly considering that this mower is only suitable for flat ground with no obstacles. However, the additional features increase the cost and you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets to purchase this item.

Ryobi 38 inches 100 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower RY48111

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Pros & Cons

  • A powerful and effective electric mower
  • Advanced control panel
  • Access to the rear charging port is convenient.
  • 40V trimmer with blower and trimmer included.
  • Expensive

Ryobi Z42Li

The Ryobi 48V zero-turn mower is completely electric, however, what is most striking about it is its small dimensions. With a cutting width of 38 inches, the zero-turn mower is able to cut a small area every time, however, it’s incredibly maneuverable and is useful for mowing lawns with many obstacles.

The zero-turn mower is powered by a 75 Ah battery that powers three powerful brushless motors that can last for 2 hours. That’s more than enough time to cut a lawn of two acres. A charging port that is accessible from the rear allows you to charge the device when you’re out of battery.

The convenience doesn’t stop there. The mower is equipped with a USB phone charger as well as cruise control that allows you to cut according to your preference.

Two blades of steel that have been precisely cut perform the trimming You can alter the cutting height of these blades using 12 positions of the deck that range between 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

It’s impossible to achieve a zero-turn using this device, however. The closest you can come to is a 16-inch radius and it could make it slower. If you’re looking for a mower that will mow your lawn efficiently, you’ll love this one.

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Pros & Cons

  • Compact design
  • 100% electric, zero emissions
  • USB phone charger
  • Cruise control
  • No zero-turning capability


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Riding Lawn Mowers for 2 Acres

Do not make a snap choice without understanding the various types of riding mowers and other product aspects such as the power output, the engine deck size, controls, maneuverability, and safety features that will ensure that users are protected as working.


The riding mowers sufficient to take on two acres of lawns are available in three varieties that include rear-engine riding lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and zero-turn mowers.

  • Rear-engine lawn mowers feature an engine located behind the driver’s chair, which is what gives this type of lawn mower the name. They tend to be smaller than lawn tractor and feature smaller mowing decks that have an average width of 30 inches. Their smaller size and less power will also lower the price.
  • Lawn tractor come with pedals and a steering wheel that allows new users to rapidly adjust to the control panel. These lawn tractors typically have hydrostatic transmission systems that allow for easy adjustment of speed, however, they come with a larger range of turns than zero-turn mowers which can impact their maneuverability.
  • Zero-turn lawn mowers are the perfect choice for huge yards that are two or more acres, as they usually have bigger cutting decks than rear-engine riding mowers, as well as having a zero-turn radius and better maneuverability. But, these amazing attributes come with a price and, unfortunately, zero-turn mowers are by far the most expensive out of the three.


The next thing to consider is the kind of engine as well as the power output. Ride-on mowers are usually driven by gasoline engines however some models are powered by rechargeable batteries. This unique design helps reduce the odor and noise produced by lawn mowers, however, it has an important drawback: the batteries require time to recharge. Even though pouring a little gasoline into the tank can get the gas mower running again the electric riding mower generally requires some time to fully charge the batteries.

But, if fuel isn’t easily accessible in the workshop or garage and the garage is not accessible, it could be more difficult to take the car to refill a tank instead of connecting the battery to the charger. Both types of engines have advantages and drawbacks, and the ultimate decision is dependent on individual preference. Make sure that the lawn tractor engine has enough power to finish the task.

Choose the riding lawn mower with an engine that runs around 17 to 29 horsepower. There are riding mowers with greater power output, however, they aren’t required for a lawn that is 2 acres.

Fuel/Battery Capacity

If the work is nearly completed, it can be extremely frustrating to see the mower stop working because it’s running out of fuel or batteries have to be recharged. Before you decide on the riding lawn mower you want, do some research on the capacity of the battery or the fuel that the machine. Electric riding mowers work with batteries and generally last for 1 to two hours. However, if the batteries are dead they can take several minutes to charge, this could hinder users from mowing their whole lawn.

Gas-powered lawn mowers that can handle two acres usually are able to run on between 2 and 5 gallons of gas. It’s suggested to carry a smaller container of gas in order that the mower able to be refueled in the event that it’s running out of gas at the beginning of the work.

Deck Size and Material

The dimension of the deck is directly proportional to the speed as well as the effectiveness that the user able to cut the lawn. The larger the deck, the larger the area that can be cut in one go with a riding lawn mower. Decks that are used for cutting are generally constructed from steel, however, their gauge may be thinner or thicker depending on the product. The steel with a thick gauge is more durable which makes it a suitable option for areas with rocks with a lot of stones and pebbles that could be thrown up onto the deck.

A cutting deck may vary from 30 inches in length to over 50 inches wide. To maintain 2 acres effectively it is recommended to use a riding mower with decks that measure 42 inches wide. If the property is bigger, you should consider purchasing the mower with a deck at least 50 inches in width.

Transmission and Maneuverability

There are many types of transmissions that could impact the maneuverability of the riding lawn mower. These include gear that is driven, automatic and hydrostatic.

  • The gear-driven transmissions make use of a set of teethed wheels, each with various gear ratios or sizes that can shift between the high and low revolutions (rpm). The driver has to operate the shifter manually in order to place the lawn mower into the gear that is desired, which includes reverse. This is the most basic choice and also the most difficult one to operate for the operator.
  • Autonomous transmissions utilize identical sets of teethed wheels that gear-driven systems do. But, unlike automatic vehicles and riding lawn mowers, automated riding mowers shift gears automatically and do not require the intervention of a manual driver.
  • The hydrostatic system works in a similar way to an automated system, in that the driver does not have to be concerned about using the manual shifter, but instead of an assortment of gears with teeth and belts, they use hydraulic fluid. This permits smooth acceleration both reverse and forward.

Controls and Comfort

It’s essential to learn how to operate the best riding lawn mower prior to jumping in the seat before driving into the backyard. Based on the model of lawn mower that is riding, users could be using an ordinary steering wheel that has simple pedals on the foot for the braking and acceleration. But, they may end up with a zero-turn mower that has lap bars designed to control the rear wheels independently to allow for greater flexibility.

The comfort factor is often neglected and often overlooked, however, if they are expected to spend at least an hour on their machine, they’ll have to choose a seat that is comfortable. Cushioned seats that have shocks to help absorb the movement of the mower makes a good option. Some riding mowers include armrests and cup holders, as well as storage compartments that are built-in to make them easy to access. The user should pick the mower that they are at ease riding and operating.


If safety isn’t your major consideration when choosing an appropriate riding mower look at the back of your hand and take into consideration the fact that these machines are equipped with high-quality cutting blades that rotate in a circular motion capable of cutting through sticks, plants as well as weeds and others. These machines are extremely dangerous and can travel at an average speed of six miles an hour (mph) in a terrain that is uneven. A blade-clutch mechanism lets the driver disconnect the blade, without stopping the motor, thereby reducing the risk of accidental injuries.

Valleys and hills can be dangerous obstacles, and it’s recommended that you choose a mower that features an automatic flip-prevention system. The majority of people finish their mowing while it’s still up in the sky. However, for those who like mowing in the evenings, it’s best to choose a riding mower equipped with headlights, a reverse-awareness mechanism, and bumpers to protect yourself in the event the mower strikes any difficult-to-see objects.

Riding Mower Features And Design

The riding lawnmowers can be intricate machines that have a myriad of functions. Learn the following concepts and elements of design so that you buy the right mower for your lawn.

Engine Power: Gas Or Battery

The riding lawn mowers come with a gas engine or batteries with motors to drive the blades and wheels. If you have a gas engine, you are able to cut your lawn in a continuous manner, and refilling the tank takes only less than a minute. However, they generate CO2 emissions, and they can be noisy.

However battery-powered mowers are incredibly silent and do not produce emissions. But, if the battery is depleted it is necessary to keep it in charge for a few hours.

Run Time: Fuel Or Battery Cell Capacity

In addition to the lawn tractor engine power mentioned above, the capacity of the tank that you fill with gas will determine how long you can run the mower without refueling. The greater the capacity of the tank (measured in Gallons) and the higher the capacity, the more powerful it is. But, when using electric mowers, you have to determine the ampere-hours (Ah).

Amp Hours (Ah)

Ampere-hours is a measure of electrical charge that manufacturers utilize to display the battery’s capacity. The higher the number is, the greater capacity the battery will be able to hold and that means it has that it will last longer.

Transmission Type

The best riding lawn mower can come with at least one of these kinds of transmission: Hydrostatic gear-driven, or automated.


A hydrostatic transmission system works as an automatic, but it transmits energy with hydraulic fluid instead of belts. It’s smooth, robust, requires minimal maintenance, and is very easy to operate. It is a simple matter of switching between reverse and forward.


A gear-driven transmission makes use of teethed wheels that transmit energy. Different ratios of gears (wheel sizes) enable you to change between low and high RPMs, as well as reverse movement. In the end, you can have greater control over the speed and directions. It is an automatic gearbox.


As mentioned above, automated transmissions differ from hydrostatic ones in that they employ belts instead of hydraulic fluid for power transmission.

Steering And Controls

While the majority of best-riding lawn mowers come with similar controls to adjust the cutting height but the steering controls are distinct. It could be an axle or two bars.

By steering the wheel, you can control the front wheels, and then direct the mower in the direction you wish to move.

With lap, bars you can control how fast the wheels of your back separately. Moving the bars forward pushes the mower forward while pulling them back reverses the move.

If you’d like to turn, push one bar forward, causing it to turn on either of your rear wheels, while the other bar remains stationary. The movement of the mower gives those with lap bars an advantage known as zero-turn. This cuts down on time spent mowing.

This makes the front wheels inoperable since they resemble trolley wheels for supermarkets. It’s nearly impossible to steer this kind of vehicle up or down the hill.

Turning Radius

Lap bars offer a unidirectional turn, but the steering wheels rotate around which results in a turning radius. The measurement is in inches. The larger the radius of turning the faster it’s going to be to turn, and the longer you will keep mowing. We suggest a 16- 18 inches turning radius to ensure that the turns remain slightly sharp.

Deck Size & Cutting Height

The deck is the primary factor in determining the mower’s cutting length. It has a set of blades beneath (usually one or two) that cover the entire width of the platform. They cut the grass with each passing.

A large deck will cover more area on every pass, but it isn’t easy to maneuver. Additionally, it could be difficult to store, particularly when you only have a limited garage space.

In terms of cutting height, the majority of best-riding lawn mowers come with an adjustment lever that can be used to alter the blade’s height which decides the height or how low you are able to level the grass. The greater the range and the greater number of adjustment points, the higher.

Braking And Tires

Similar to automobiles, a ride lawn mower is equipped with brakes that reduce the speed of movement when you wish to stop or turn. The steering wheel is equipped with pedals, but the lap bar model employs the same bars to stop.

In terms of tires, the larger ones allow you to traverse uneven ground without getting bogged down. Also, make sure to check for treads that are deep since you’ll be off-roading.

Seating And Comfort

Mowing an area of two acres or more isn’t an easy task that takes only a few minutes. It could take up to two hours with the mower, which is why it needs to include a comfortable command center. Look for an ergonomic, adjustable seat with a tall back.

Rollover Protection (ROPS)

Protection against rollovers usually takes the form of two posts that are positioned above the head. If you crash onto the side of an inclined steep slope, the posts prevent you from rolling and putting the burden onto your back.

Warranty And Maintenance

Similar to a car a riding lawn mower is a machine with many moving parts that need to be maintained. I recommend ones that are simple to maintain like the electric model. They don’t require filters or oil changes.

If you’re forced to choose a gasoline engine, the ones that have filters that are not changed by tools can give you a more convenient process.

Cleaning the deck, and washout ports make it easy to clean dirt and grass that has accumulated beneath the deck.

In the case of a warranty, terms may become a little technical. Different components, such as frames, decks, and the front axle could have distinct coverage periods and terms, so make sure to review all the conditions and terms attentively.

Safety: Riding A Lawn Mower For 2 Acres

For safe operation as well as maintenance for your lawnmowers ensure that you are following these steps:

  • Review the user manual or instructions prior to use
  • Wear gloves, goggles long pants, and also wear hearing protection prior to using
  • Make sure the blades are clean
  • Do not cut your lawn over any potential yard missiles (toys or stones, debris, etc.)
  • Do not mow when it is wet.
  • Do not place your feet or hands beneath the mower.
  • Beware of pulling the mower backward or reversing as far as is possible
  • Disconnect the spark plug and unplug the power cord before changing the blades
  • Do not mow in a sideways direction on a slope. Go upwards and downwards


If you’re having trouble picking the top riding lawn mower for two acres, you might require more information to make an educated decision. Get the answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions on best riding lawn mowers here so you’re sure you choose the ideal rider lawn mower to fit your yard.

✅What is the best way to choose the best riding mower?

To find the best electric or gas-ride lawn mower to suit your property or business take into consideration the type of mower, its fuel or battery's power, the size of the deck, and the dimensions of your lawn. There are many homes that do not require an expensive zero-turn riding lawn mower with a 72-inch deck that can trim the lawn at least once a week, however, if you do have three or four acres of turf that have been cut the deck size can be large enough to finish the job. Be sure to take into account any safety features, and think about the kind of wheels or transmission the mower employs that are appropriate for the type of terrain.

✅How long will it need to mow a two-acre lawn?

The time needed to mow a two-acre lawn will vary based on the type of lawn mower used and the dimensions of the deck. In general, smaller riding mowers take 30 minutes to two hours, whereas large zero-turn mowers can finish the task in 20-30 minutes.

✅What is the length of time a rider last?

The lifespan of a riding mower is determined by its quality and the amount of maintenance and care over the years. Low-end riding lawn mowers can be used for only 10 years, while the top riding lawn mower that can handle 1 an acre of lawn may last as long as 20 years if well maintained.

✅The number of acres could the lawn tractors mow?

A lawn tractor is able to mow approximately one to three acres every hour, depending on the kind of deck and the size. For example, a small lawn mower that is a riding mower or a lawn tractor can mow one to two acres within an hour, whereas the zero-turn lawn tractor that comes with large cutting decks could be able to cut over 3 acres over the same time.

✅How can I increase the power of my lawnmowers?

It's not recommended to play with your lawn mower unless you're already familiar with small engine repairs however, you can boost the production of your lawnmowers by removing the flywheel housing, and taking out the governor flap on the engine prior to installing the new flywheel housing. In addition, if you are feeling that your lawn mower isn't working at the same level as it should look over the muffler to find holes or cracks, that could decrease the power. Be sure to clean the air filter frequently to ensure that the riding mower is working at maximum efficiency.

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