Best Outdoor Patio Umbrella Stand & Base in 2022: Perfectly Stable Even on the Windiest Days

Whether it’s for getting a little shade from the scorching heat of the sun or enhancing the serene environment, patio umbrellas are a part and parcel of outdoor décor.

No matter what purpose you have, getting a well-made sturdy umbrella base is a no-brainer. Even though some umbrellas are mounted on tables, they won’t stay stable without a proper umbrella base.

In this guide, I’ll introduce you to some of the best patio umbrella bases there are. Apart from the nitpicky review, I’ll let you in on everything you need to know about buying patio umbrella stands.

Best Patio Umbrella Stands & Bases For Wind 2022

Now, let’s put a pause on the chitchats and see what I have for you-

1. Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Stand With Rolling Base

Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Stand w/ Easy Rolling Base (up to 125lb) Heavy Duty Universal Design...

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From time to time, a lot of us like to move around things in the backyard. But moving flat umbrella bases can feel like one mammoth of a task. In those times, what you need is an umbrella base with wheels.

The Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Stand with its patented polyurethane hidden wheels design is everything you want in a versatile umbrella base. To put a cherry on top, they’ve made the corners softly rounded.

Whether it’s commercial use or residential, this stand with its easy lock will be a perfect fit. The elegant design matches with any outdoor decoration. As a matter of fact, it comes in 3 different colors.

The actual base is made out of 20 pounds of aerospace resin, ensuring it can survive any kind of outdoor condition. And to add in weight to it, you can fill the patented weight compartments with anything from bricks to sand.

This is even more useful when you want to create customized weight by filling each compartment with different materials. Even when the base is filled to the brim, all it takes to move is one hand.

That said, the Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Stand is a great umbrella base for both businesses and homeowners. Be that as it may, it would’ve been a lot better if the wheels could move sideways.


  • Comes with sturdy polyurethane wheels
  • 3 different color options to suit any outdoor decor
  • Customizable weight distributing options
  • Suitable for both commercial and residential usage


  • The wheels don’t go sideways

2. Abba Patio 55 lb Heavy Duty Round Patio Umbrella Base

Abba Patio 55 lb Patio Wheels 28' Diameter Heavy Duty Steel Umbrella Base Stand Outdoor for Deck,...

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The Abba Patio 55 lb Patio Umbrella Base with its elegant and modern design enhances the beauty of any outdoor space. The round steel structure firmly holds on to the umbrella making sure it doesn’t move from its place.

Even though the umbrella base is as thin as it gets, there’s no compromise on the durability of the material. With a weight of 55lbs and a base diameter of 27.4″, it manages to hold on to table umbrellas up to 9-feet.

The rust-proof composite materials are already sturdy enough. But they made it even better by adding in a bronze powder-coated finish. As a result, you don’t have to worry about weather-proofing. Whether it’s raining cats and dogs or the sun’s putting out unbearable heat, this umbrella base won’t budge.

That’s all there is about the build quality. Other than that, it’s got two adjustable hand-turned knobs, which lets you adjust the height however you want. If the pole is anywhere between 1 to 1.5-inches, you’re good to go.

All in all, this 55lb umbrella base speaks of elegance from any angle. In terms of durability, there’s not even the slightest doubt. However, I would’ve liked it better if it had better compatibility. As it only supports poles from 1-1.5-inches, people with 2-inch poles can’t get it.


  • Elegant and modern design
  • Sturdy composite construction
  • Coated with bronze powder-coating for weather-resistance
  • Comes with 2 adjustable hand knobs


  • Not compatible with 2-inch poles

3. DC America 18-Inch Cast Stone Rust Free Umbrella Base

DC America UBP18181-BR 18-Inch Cast Stone Umbrella Base, Made from Rust Free Composite Materials,...

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No matter how elegant modern composite materials look, people will always have a soft spot for cast iron. The traditional look of this material can change the atmosphere of any outdoor space. And it’s safe to say, the DC America UBP18181-BR isn’t any different.

However, build quality isn’t where this umbrella base shines the most. It’s the affordable price that catches the most attention. When compared to the Abba Patio 55 lb, the price is even less than half.

So, did it compromise the construction?

The short answer is no. as I’ve already told you, the primary material used here is cast iron. Along with that, it’s got some pinches of composite for ensuring the weather-proofing capabilities.

When people think of cast iron bases, they immediately think it’s going to rust in a few years. Well, that won’t be a problem thanks to the perfect combination of sturdy and rust-proof materials.

Overall, there’s no doubt the DC America UBP18181-BR 18-Inch Cast Stone Umbrella Base is a well-made product. But it’s not as well-engineered as I thought. The stability of the base isn’t that good when there’s a significant amount of wind.


  • Classic cast iron construction
  • Comes with bronze coating for weather-resistance
  • Compatible with poles up to 2-inches
  • Affordable price tag


  • Can’t stay stable in windy situations

4. TropiShade 30-Pound Bronze Powder-Coated Cast Iron Umbrella Stand

TropiShade 30-Pound Bronze Powder-Coated Cast Iron Umbrella Stand

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Metal or cast iron umbrella bases never go well with rainwater or any kind of water for that matter. Although the problem only appears when the water stays on the surface for a long time.

The TropiShade 30-Pound Bronze Powder-Coated Cast Iron Umbrella Stand solves that problem with some modern engineering and a clever design. The majestically designed umbrella base has a design that doesn’t let the water stay on the surface.

But I agree that a clever design isn’t enough when you want to tackle something like rust. That’s why it comes with a bronze powder coating to give it further protection.

Even if it’s made out of cast iron, it won’t support big umbrellas. Especially the ones that are more than 6’ in diameter. But anything under that, the 3’’ thick base will handle effortlessly no matter how windy it gets.

Other than that, the umbrella stand only comes in dark bronze color. So, if you’ve had any other color in mind, you have to bring out the paintbrush again.

Nevertheless, the adjustable knobs could’ve been better. Give it a second knob like the Abba Patio 55 lb and it’ll be the perfect mid-sized umbrella base.


  • Special design that keeps away water
  • Perfect for patio umbrellas up to 6-feet
  • Optimal stabilization thanks to the 3” thickness
  • Coated with powdered bronze for weatherproofing


  • The adjustable knob isn’t sturdy enough to hold big umbrellas

5. Abba Patio Outdoor Market Umbrella Stand

Abba Patio Umbrella Outdoor Base Heavy Duty Steel Outdoor Market Umbrella Base Stand, 53 lbs Square...

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If you’ve stuck around till now, you know that I’m a big fan of the Abba Patio 55 lb umbrella base. There’s no denying that stand’s build quality and performance. But you have to agree moving it isn’t that easy.

If only it had some durable wheels, the problem would’ve been solved. As it turns out, they listened to their customers and released this model.

This robust umbrella base comes with a square design instead of a circle one. And they’ve added a pair of wheels behind to make moving around as easy as possible.

Although there’s a problem with wheels. When you add wheels to an umbrella base, you can’t really put it on top of a table, can you? That said, if you’re buying this for a table umbrella, I’d suggest you stick to the 55 lb model.

Similar to the previous model, it can support 6’-11’ umbrellas without any problems. But weighing in at 53 pounds, it’s a bit lighter. Although you could settle for the 78-pound model if you need more weight.

I’ve always liked Abba Patio products and this one is no exception. But I expected the wheels to be better. They offer some mobility and it’s nothing compared to the Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Stand.


  • Two adjustable knobs for enhanced stability
  • Coated with TIGER Drylac powder for longevity and rustproofing
  • Elegant design blends with the decor
  • Built-in wheels make moving around easier


  • The wheels aren’t that good at what they do

6. Home & Comfort Sturdy Cement Umbrella Base

Home & Comfort Sturdy Cement Umbrella Base (Gray)

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At number 6, we have the first cement umbrella base on this list, the Home & Comfort Sturdy Cement Umbrella Base. The simply designed stand may not look that heavy but weighing 44 pounds, it’s capable enough to support 6-feet umbrellas.

From the outer look, it doesn’t look anything like plastic because it’s not. Made out of a durable plastic mold, it blends in with any outdoor decoration. If you’re a fan of clean looks, keep this one at the top of your list.

However, plastic doesn’t age well. So, after a few years, the outer cover might become brittle if you don’t maintain it properly.

Other than that, there’s one thing you should keep in mind. Even though the umbrella base is well-made, the weighted disc and the pole holder are two separate parts connected with bolts and nuts.

The durability would’ve been better if there were no joints. Nonetheless, this umbrella base is a great bang for the buck as you’re getting a heavy-weight stand without spending much money.


  • Heavy-weight cement construction
  • The outer shell is made out of molded plastic for beauty
  • Provides optimal balance
  • Gives out the value of pricier products without the price


The two-part design isn’t good for durability

7. US Weight Fillable Free Standing Umbrella Base

US Weight Fillable Free Standing Umbrella Base, Black

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The US Weight Fillable Free standing Umbrella Base is everything you would want in an affordable and heavy-weight umbrella stand. Weighing at 50 pounds, the base is heavy enough to support 9-feet table umbrellas.

Although it’s better to remember that it’s only compatible with patio table use. It’s better you don’t get one of these if you’re planning on taking it to the beach.

As the umbrella base is fillable you can use gravel, rocks, or sand if you want. But whatever you do, avoid putting in water. When you choose the pre-filled one, it comes with a cement-filled inside.

But that can affect mobility. Even then the EZ Grip Handle makes carrying around as easy as ever.


  • Made with UV-protected composite polymer
  • Scratch and fade-resistant
  • Supports up to 1.75” poles
  • Comes in 2 different colors


  • Could’ve used another bolt to hold the pole

8. BEACHBUB Ultra The Patio Umbrella Base- Best for the Beach

beachBUB ™ Ultra' The Patio Umbrella Base Made for the Beach' DO NOT USE WITH A SCREW ANCHOR

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When it comes to ease of use, nothing can top off the BEACHBUB Ultra The Patio Umbrella Base. It has a design that’s different from all the umbrella bases I’ve talked about till now. It’s the perfect stand for those who don’t want to deal with nuts and bolts.

What you do is place the pole on the sand and start adding it to the bag. It’s kind of like a triangle where you connect the last piece at the end.

After you’ve filled enough sand, you can attach the final piece and it’ll be set to go. The interesting part is you could fill it with rocks too. No matter how much customizability you need, it’ll fulfill your needs.


  • Compatible with umbrellas up to 8-feet
  • Can withstand up to 35 mph of wind
  • Extremely lightweight
  • The small size makes carrying around easier


  • You can’t place the umbrella at an angle

9. Giantex Patio Rattan Wicker Umbrella – Best with the Side Table

Giantex Outdoor Side Table with Umbrella Hole, Rattan/Wicker Umbrella Stand Table, Steel Metal Patio...

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The Giantex Patio Rattan Wicker Umbrella is a sturdy piece of umbrella base that’s made in an eco-friendly way. With the help of green PE rattan material and steel, it provides all the stability you need.

On top of that, it’s made to withstand UV rays and any kind of water damage. Unlike cheap plastic, you don’t have to worry about it becoming brittle over time.

However, if you look around closely, it’s not only an umbrella base. It’s a complete side table. And the best part is it’s still a lot cheaper than the Abba Patio 55 lbs Umbrella Base.


  • Complete package at an affordable rate
  • Eco-friendly product made with PE rattan material
  • Solid steel frame for sturdiness
  • Fits up to 1.57″ poles


  • Not suitable with different sized poles

10. Blissun 22 lbs Patio Umbrella Base Stand – Best For Money

Blissun 22 lbs Heavy Duty Patio Market Umbrella Base Stand (16.5')

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The Blissun 22 lbs Umbrella Base Stand has the perfect combination of affordability and build quality. Being made out of solid resin it’s suitable for both commercial and residential use.

As there’s no metal or steel inside, it’s completely weather-resistant. To put some icing on the cake, its UV-resistant properties make it color and fade-resistant.

All in all, it’s a win-win situation for the price you’re paying. As a bonus, you’re getting a classic design that enhances the beauty of your outdoor setup.

However, 22 lbs is not enough when the wind’s gone rogue. Unless you have a rather small umbrella, I’d suggest you stick with something a bit heavier.


  • Made out of color, fade and scratch-resistant solid resin
  • The assembling process is straightforward
  • Great for both residential and commercial use
  • Comes with a classic design


  • Not heavy enough for windy days

How Do I Choose a Patio Umbrella Base?

While it might seem like choosing a patio umbrella base is a piece of cake. But it’s a lot trickier than you’d think. Here’s a couple of factors you can’t avoid when buying a patio umbrella stand-


Your patio umbrella base is going to hold a gigantic umbrella. So, it has to be quite strong. On top of that, the umbrella base is going to stay outdoors meaning it needs to have weather-resistant capabilities.

That’s why you need to be extra careful about the material-

Ripstop Nylon

Ripstop nylon umbrella bases are super affordable and versatile. Basically, it’s nothing but a round sandbag that holds the umbrella in its place. You can use velcro to secure it even more.

Even though you can get it quite cheap, it’s not the best-looking umbrella base out there. Moreover, it has a tendency to develop holes. So, there’s that.


Metal stands are known for their longevity and minimal footprint. In most cases, metal bases are bolted into metal or wood. Although it can pull out after some time.

Nevertheless, these easy-to-install stands are quite versatile. Being harder than nylon, they don’t develop holes.

Stone/Resin Composite

When it comes to durability, resin composite umbrella bases are tough to beat. As the material itself is heavy, there’s no need to add any weight with sand or stone. Some of the umbrella stands are well-made that they can support up to poles.

Be that as it may, the weight makes them harder to carry. Because of this reason, some models come with wheels for enhanced versatility.


Plastic umbrella bases are better than nylon bases in many ways. First, there’s extra durability as plastic is tougher than nylon. Even though plastic can turn brittle over time, maintenance is easy as it gets.


Concrete umbrella bases are the heaviest of them all. Despite the stability, carrying concrete stands can give you a heavy workout. And not to mention, concrete can break if you somehow drop it from a height.


The weight of the base is what holds down the umbrella. Without enough weight, it might fly off. Give it extra weight, it’ll be harder to carry.

So, here’s a chart showing you exactly what weight you need to go for-


I’ve already talked about the materials and how durable they are. So, I won’t be getting into the details of that. What you do need to know is some metal bases have designs that let the water channel away from the stand.

Naturally, this keeps water damage and rust to a minimum. Other than that, you could opt for some weather-resistant metal paint to keep the fresh look for even longer.

Base Thickness

The thinner the base, the better it’ll look. But turns out, thin umbrella bases can’t support any extra weight. Unless you’re putting the umbrella for aesthetics or display, get yourself a thick(6″+) base.


Unless the umbrella is fixed on a table, you may need to move it around from time to time. The easy solution here is to get a base with wheels.

Although finding the right base with sufficient weight can be difficult sometimes. This becomes even harder when the umbrella gets larger.

Umbrella Shaft Size

In most cases, you won’t have a hard time finding the base for the right pole. As they commonly range from 1 to 2 inches, giving it a good fit is rather easy. However, some bases require exact measurements. So, make sure the diameter suits the base.

You need the umbrella base diameter bigger than the shaft diameter. Get that right and you’ll be good to go.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s a wrap on today’s topic. I hope you’ve found what you came for. If you’re still in doubt about the best patio umbrella base, it’s the Abba Patio 55 lb Umbrella Base.

And if you prefer mobility over design, the Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Stand will be your perfect pal. If you still can’t figure it out, then head over to the comment section and I’ll see what I can do for you.

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