8 Best Pitchfork for Mulch in 2022

Gardening is something that we take seriously. We really want to see our plants thrive and grow fully. It brings tears of joy just to see the fruitful results of the effort we give into our plants.

However, we struggled a lot to experience that. The lawn we selected for gardening was pretty tough.

And as you know, compacted soil is not suitable for planting seeds. Also, even though we did manage to loosen it up a bit using some basic tools, it was not loose enough for the delicate seeds.

That is where we got the best pitchfork for mulch. From then, every time the soil gets tough, loosening it up becomes an easy task.

Best Pitchfork for Mulch to Buy in 2022

01. Fiskars Ergo D-handle Steel Garden Fork – Best Overall

Fiskars Ergo D-handle Steel Garden Fork (47 Inch)

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While browsing through the listings, we wanted to get the right type of pitchfork for working with the mulch. And that is where we stumbled upon this offering from Professionals.


The most standout feature of this unit is the handle. It utilizes a telescoping mechanism, which is adjustable to some degree.
So, it will be perfect for both the short, average, and tall users. There is a gripping point on the top as well. That will make it easier to hold onto the handle firmly.


It even has a hanging loop on the top. This specific design will make the task of storing the pitchfork around easy.

And as the telescoping system can make it small and compact, it will not take that space even if you do not want to store it by hanging. Also, it is pretty light in weight. Carrying it around will be easy too.

Build Quality

Both the handle and the head of the unit are made of high-quality material. They are heavy-duty aluminum. So, they will not weigh that much but will withstand rigorous use without showing any problems.

• The handle has a telescoping mechanism
• Sports an excellent gripping area
• It has a good build quality
• Lightweight
• Easy to store

• It does not have any rubber coating on the handle
• The telescoping mechanism is a bit janky for some units

Our Thoughts

It has a telescoping handle, making it ideal for most users. Also, the overall construction is pretty praiseworthy.

02. Ames 2826200 4-Tine Forged Steel Spading Fork with Hardwood Handle

AMES 2826800 Forged Steel Manure Fork

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When it comes to spreading mulch, a sturdy pitchfork is basically essential. That is why we have picked this one for the number 1 spot in our reviews.

Build Quality

The overall construction is pretty solid. It has a reasonably sturdy hardwood handle. And the handle can withstand heavy usage and should last for an extended amount of time without showing any problems.

Even the tines are of high-quality steel. They have a higher durability level and are long-lasting as well.


Thanks to the sturdy handle, we were capable of digging into rough soil pretty easily. There are five tines on the head, which are going to make the task of spreading the mulch around easy.

Also, for the higher number of tines, it will be possible to cover a good amount of ground in a short time.


The handle is pretty large in size. So, firmly grabbing onto it will not be an issue. Also, there is a rubber coating on the handle, which will offer a cushioned grip. You can work with this for a prolonged amount of time without facing any discomfort.

• Boasts a hardwood handle
• The handle is large in size
• Exceptionally durable
• The head has five tines
• Has rubber coating on the handle

• The rubber coating is prone to tearing
• It might ship with a torn cover

Our T

The fact that it comes with a sturdy handle makes it a worthy pick, according to us. Also, the tines are highly capable of spreading the mulch around, which is always a plus point in our books.

03. Truper 30293 Tru Tough Spading Fork – Best Pitchfork for Spading Mulch

Truper 30293 Tru Tough Spading Fork, 4-Tine, D-Handle, 30-Inch

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Large-sized tines are what make one of these good for spreading mulch. And this pitchfork from Truper is one of them. It excels on other factors as well. To know all about them, you must continue reading!


The tines are reasonably large in size. They are pretty wide too. For that reason, we could cover a good amount of ground in a small amount of time.
Also, getting deeper into the soil was possible for the large nature of the tines. It will make you efficient in spading the mulch.


Just like the tines, the handle is pretty stellar. The lacquered design that the brand has opted for makes the unit stand out.
And it can offer a good amount of comfort, which means it will be possible to work with the mulch for an extended amount of time with this. The handle can also provide the right amount of balance.


Both the handle and the tines are of high-quality materials. So, the lifespan of this one should be relatively high. There is a clear coating on the exterior, which will enhance the lifespan even further.

• Utilizes a lacquered handle
• Comfortable to hold onto
• Has large and wide tines
• Reasonably durable
• It offers a good amount of balance

• A bit short in comparison
• There is no coating on the handle

Our Thoughts

The construction of this one is pretty solid. Also, the tines are comparatively large and wide. So, we could spade the mulch efficiently.

04. A.M. Leonard Forged 6 Tine – Best Durable Pitchfork

A.M. Leonard Forged 6 Tine Manure Fork, Bedding Fork, 30 Inch D Grip Ash Handle

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Although the units we have looked at were pretty durable, we were still looking for something that is exceptionally durable. Well, that is where this one stepped in. It amazed us, and it will surely amaze you as well.


One of the praiseworthy things about this unit is the overall construction. It is top-notch. The brand has opted for high-quality forged steel for the tines.
That material makes them achieve a sturdy and heavy-duty nature. So, plowing through hard soils will not be a difficult task with this.


Even the handle of this product is pretty unique. It has a D-grip, which will offer the right amount of grip. That means you can work with it for an extended amount of time. Also, it will make the task of storing the unit easy as you can just hang it on the wall.


Though the durability level of the unit is relatively high, it does not weigh that much. The whole thing is pretty light in weight. And this lightweight nature is going to make it easier to move this one around.

• The overall construction is top-notch
• Sports high-quality tines
• Features a D-grip on the handle
• It can be stored easily
• Easy to carry around

• The tines on some of the units might be bent on arrival
• Comparatively shorter than the other units

Our Thoughts

We were pretty much amazed by the build quality of this unit. Also, the tines were pretty strong, and it made the task of digging compact and tough soil easy for us.

05. Lavo Home Professional 61″ Pitchfork with 5 Tines

Lavo Home Professional 61' Pitchfork with 5 Tines I Coated Stainless Steel Head I Wood Handle Manure...

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Not all of us gardeners want to spend too much money on getting good tools. Well, that is where brands such as Lavo Home Professional comes into play. And this product will let you know why.

Build Quality

Though this one does not cost that much, it does not back down one bit in terms of the overall build quality. The brand has opted for high-quality materials to construct this one. So, it should last for an extended amount of time without showing any structural issues.


The head has five tines. And the great thing about this one is that each of the tines has stainless steel coating. That coating will ensure that the head does not catch rust easily. Also, because having five reasonably wide tines, you should be pretty efficient in terms of working with mulch.


Both the handle and the head have a good level of durability. And thanks to having a higher amount of durability, the head should easily go through compact and tight soils. Also, the head can resist water damages.

• Affordable yet high in quality
• The head is of forged steel
• It has a durable handle
• There are five tines on the head
• Can resist rust

• It cannot resist bending that properly
• The coating is prone to chipping

Our Thoughts

It is a clear example that not all of the affordable options in the market are sub-par in quality. Also, it is highly efficient in terms of digging through compacted soil.

06. Spear & Jackson 4550DF Traditional Stainless Digging Fork

Spear & Jackson 4550DF Traditional Stainless Digging Fork, Multi-Coloured

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Most of the units are going to have a good overall design. However, there are only a few that will have a kid-friendly design. And this product from Spear & Jackson is one of those few.


The brand has opted for a traditional English pitchfork design. And this is what exactly makes this one kid-friendly.

It will be pretty easy to maneuver this one around, and the kids are surely going to love it while working with it. Also, the design can make the task of mulching feel a bit effortless.

Build Quality

Like the design, the build quality is stellar as well. The manufacturer has utilized forged steel for the head.

And there is a mirror polishing on the exterior, which will make the unit look good and protect the head from other damages. It even has a double riveted socket.

The Head

There is a specific coating on the head other than the mirror polishing. This coating will do a proper job in terms of resisting soil adhesion. So, the tines are not going to get dirty that easily.

• The design is kid-friendly
• Has a good overall build quality
• There is a mirror polishing
• The head has a proper coating
• Reasonably durable

• A bit on the heavier side
• Not that resistant to corrosion

Our Thoughts

The kid-friendly design is what we liked the most. And the cherry on the top is the durability level. You can surely get extended use out of it.

07. Stanley Garden BDS7139 – Best Elderly Pitchfork for Mulch

Stanley Garden BDS7139 D-Handle Garden Fork

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Most of the elderly face difficulties when trying to work with mulch with a regular pitchfork. Well, Stanley factored that in when they were manufacturing this product for the market.


Unlike some of the other units, this one has an oversized foot stepper. That will make it easier for elderly persons to dig the tines into the ground. And the great thing about this stepper is that it will not require that amount of force to dig the head into the ground.


The tines of this one are of heat-treated steel. This material is reasonably sturdy and should make the unit achieve a higher level of durability. For that reason, it should be capable of withstanding the harsh and rough environments pretty easily.


This one has a fiberglass handle. The material is light in weight but highly durable at the same time. Thanks to the lightweight nature, it will be easy to carry this one around. And the handle is securely attached to the head. Also, there is a vibration reduction collar.

• It has an oversized foot stepper
• Utilizes heat-treated steel for the head
• The handle is of fiberglass
• Lightweight but reasonably durable
• Sports a vibration reduction collar

• Not that easy to store
• The tines are not that wide

Our Thoughts

It has an elderly-friendly design, and the oversized foot stepper will make maneuvering this one around an effortless task. Also, there is a vibration reduction collar.

08. True Temper 2812400 – Best Tine Bedding Mulch Fork

True Temper 2812400 10-Tine Bedding Fork with Hardwood Handle

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On the lookout for something that has a proper build quality and will let you efficiently work with mulch? Well, this one is it!

Build Quality

It has steel tines, and the tines are tempered. For the tempered nature of the tines, it is going to have a higher level of durability. It should also go through rigid and compacted soil pretty easily. The handle is made of high-quality wood as well. It is highly resistant to breaking.


There are ten tines on the head. As they are pretty large and wide, doing bedding tasks with them should be a breeze. Also, they will be able to cover more ground without you needing to put in too much effort.


The handle is 48 inches long. This length makes it perfect for both the relatively short and tall users. Also, there is a cushioned grip on the handle, which will allow you to grab onto the handle while working with it properly.

• Has tempered steel tines
• The handle is reasonably durable
• There are ten wide tines
• The handle is 48 inches long
• Features a cushioned grip on the end

• A tad short for tall users
• It does not have any coating on the handle

Our Thoughts

As it utilizes tempered steel for the head, we expect it to last for a long time. Also, as there are ten tines, we could efficiently work with mulch using this one.

Types of Pitchforks

Like the other tools available for the garden, there are a couple of different types available for the pitchforks. And by having a better understanding of the kinds, choosing the right one for your work type and garden will be easy. So, let us not waste any more of your precious time and start describing them.

Garden Forks

This type of pitchfork features a unique design. And that specific design makes it capable of loosening the soil properly. However, the task where this one shines the most is in the case of loosening compact hardpan soil and clay soil. Using this, you can poke holes through them and eliminate the tough nature.

On that note, this one is specifically used to make the water flow through the soil properly. By piercing the compacted soil, it will create a loose nature, which will let the water flow through properly and nourish the plants and grass on the top.

Digging Forks

Otherwise known as a spading fork, the digging forks generally have heavy-duty tines. Also, these will have steel shafts. The tines usually have a triangular shape, which will let make the process of digging easier. Also, these ones work like a charm when it comes to moving soil, hay, and other materials.

These have a very similar design when compared to heavy-duty garden forks. And to some degree, you should be able to use one for the other. So, if you have one, it would be possible to do both tasks.

Border Forks

These are the cut-down version of the heavy-duty garden forks. They usually have shorter shafts. However, there are some that will have regular-sized shafts. Also, the unique design of these allows them to get into tighter spaces. That means these are going to do a proper job on indoor gardens.

Other than that, as these generally have a shorter shaft, you can use these as a replacement for the regular-sized forks. However, if you are tall in size, using these can become a hassle.

Potato Fork

Does the name ring any bells? Well, yes, your thinking is on the right track. These are ideal for digging potato fields. Not just that, you can use these to dig through the fields that usually grow root vegetables. They make the task of taking the veggies out of the ground a walk in the park.

Talking of which, these are generally going to have blunt tines. The ends are not going to be that sharp. So, while digging the ground, the chances of the veggies getting damaged will be reasonably low.

Compost Fork

Again, the name here gives away what these types are generally for. These are going to have four to five tines. And each of them will be pretty long and thin in nature. This unique design of the tines is going to make the task of picking up and stirring the composite around easy.

On that note, there is another type that is ideal for a somewhat similar task. Those are called manure forks. They will have spread out tines. And they will make the task of scooping out the manure pretty easy.

What Is the Best Tool for Spreading Mulch?

When it comes to digging and loosening up the mulch, nothing can come close to what pitchforks can offer. However, when the task of spreading the mulch around surfaces, it would be ideal to go ahead and pick a rake. Here, we would recommend going for the bow rake.

The bow rakes are much stronger and rigid. And they have a specialized design for spreading and breaking up the mulch. However, you will be able to get the job done by using a leaf rake.

What Is the Difference Between a Pitchfork and a Garden Fork?

For the overall design and similar purpose, many gardeners mix up a garden fork with a pitchfork. However, they have a significant difference. And the difference is that, on one hand, the garden forks are generally short. Also, they are reasonably stockier.

On the other hand, pitchforks are relatively tall in size. Also, these are not that stockier. And, they do a proper job in agricultural works.

What Tools Do I Need to Spread Mulch?

To properly spread mulch, only the pitchfork is not going to be enough. You would also need to accompany it with some of the other tools. And the tools you are going to need to effectively spread the mulch is as follows:

A Pitchfork

The first thing that you are going to need is the pitchfork. Even though many replaces this with a shovel, we would recommend against it. Shovels do not have the ability to loosen up hard soil, making it difficult to spread them around. For that reason, you need to ditch a shovel and get a proper pitchfork instead.


Secondly, we would recommend getting a wheelbarrow. This will make the task of moving the mulch from one area to another easier. However, many might just pack the mulch inside a package and move it around. Even though that process gets the work done, you need to put a good amount of effort into it.


As we have mentioned above, some of the pitchforks do not do that proper job of spreading the mulch around. That is where the rake comes into play. Again, we are recommending to opt for the bow rake. That will make the task of breaking and spreading the mulch around easier.


Last but certainly not least, get yourself a proper set of gloves. You would not want to get your hands full of dirt and manure while working with your garden’s soil. For that reason, get something that will protect your hands and make it easier to reach hard-to-reach places.

How Do You Use a Pitchfork in Gardening?

Getting a proper pitchfork is not the end of the story. If you do not know how to use a pitchfork, you will be just handling the tool in an improper manner. And the steps for using the tool is as follows:

Step 1: Get into the Proper Position and Hold the Tool in the Right Way

First of all, you need to stand in a proper position. Do not bend down. Instead, stand upright and put the drag the tool inside the soil. Hold the tool firmly and bend it down a bit while dragging it down. Use your foot and push it further into the soil if you have to.

Step 2: Bring the Tool Out and Repeat

Once you have dragged it down, move it around a bit and bring it out. Then, repeat the process for the soil around the first impact. This will loosen up the soil, allow the water to flow through the soil easily, and allow you to take the weed out of the top.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Pitchfork for Mulch

Now, let us focus on the second most important thing about these tools. Without having an idea about the things, you need to consider before buying, the chances of you getting something worth the money will be close to zero. Considering that, you must keep these in your mind:


First and foremost, consider the construction material of the head because this will dictate the build quality. And the overall build quality will dictate how durable the unit actually is. That being said, check the material of the head. Make sure that it is of high-quality steel.

If you happen to get something that is of low or average quality metal, it will not only be able to go through the hard soil but it will also not for a long amount of time. And you would want the thing you are purchasing with your money to last for a good amount of time, right? So keep the construction material in your mind.


The second thing you need to consider for these is the length. Here, you need to consider your height first. If you are relatively tall, go for the units that have a long handle and head. On the other hand, if you are not that tall, opt for the medium-sized ones. Those would be good for the average height users as well.


One of the important things about these tools is the weight. It will play a crucial role in terms of dictating how easy it is to maneuver the tool around. Here, our recommendation would be to opt for lightweight ones. Those are going to be easy to move.

However, do not opt for the ones that sacrificed durability for weight. Instead, you should go for the ones that are of quality materials yet light in weight.

Number of Tines

While many of the gardeners think having three to four tines is good enough, that thinking is not entirely correct. A higher number of tines can make the task of loosening the mulch and moving it around easier. Considering that, we would recommend opting for the ones that have a large number of tines.

Tine Shape

Other than the number of tines, you need to consider the shape of them. Here, you need to first factor in the task that you are doing. If you are mainly trying to loosen up hard and compacted soil, opt for the ones that are point and thick. On the other hand, if you want to move mulch around, go for the thin and rounded ones.

Handle and Grip

The last thing you need to consider is the handle and the grip. Here, we would go for the durable handle and have a proper grip on the top. Those will last longer and will be easier to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size pitchfork works best for spreading mulch?

This will entirely depend on your height. Consider how tall you are and opt for the ones that you will be comfortable working with.

2. Do all of the pitchforks come with four to five tines?

Not really. Some of the units might have as many as ten tines. Also, some might have three of them.

3. Can all pitchforks resist rust?

That will depend on the coating. If the unit has a proper coating, it should be able to resist rust.

4. Are lightweight pitchforks better than heavyweight ones?

Yes, lightweight ones are easier to use and easier to move around. They are pretty easy to carry as well.

5. Which pitchforks are easier to clean?

Usually, the units with a proper coating on the head will be easier to clean. They will not attract debris that much.

Final Words

Without having the best pitchfork for mulch, it will be pretty hard for you to maintain your garden’s soil. And all of the units we reviewed in this article are nothing but that. So pick one up without any hesitation.

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