Can I Use Pitchfork to Aerate My Lawn?

Engaging in gardening is not as simple as it sounds. Besides other fundamental procedures like planting trees, cultivation, fertilization, watering, etc., one must follow many other regulations.

That includes mowing your lawn, raking unwanted debris, and many such crucial functionalities.

Among them, one of the essential parts of cultivation is lawn aeration.

Aerating generally refers to enabling holes throughout the soil to transfer necessary components directly to the plant’s base.

And, our today’s topic is all about aerating your garden using a pitchfork which may or may not be familiar to you.

Why Do You Need to Aerate Your Lawn?

Such type of question is related to why one needs to plant trees in their garden in the first place. That is to say, the importance of aeration is like planting trees to make a garden fulfill. Now, there leaves no necessity of describing how much crucial the role of planting trees is!

From maintaining the balance of the ecosystem to providing us with oxygen and food for our survival, plants have many ultimate responsibilities.

Aeration also falls in the same field whole dimension of working is something different yet indisputable. The plants that we require to balance the world’s system can be added with tons of benefits through this aeration. That is to say, aeration is needed for the growth and development of that vital aspect of life known as the plants.

It doesn’t mean that no plants can be grown without the process of aerating the lawn. Growing out plants is possible even without fertilization and providing necessary water. Many such weeds grow without any care.

Such plants grow by the mercy of nature, which means that all the natural factors of the environment make them suitably grow at ease.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can treat all species of your desired plants in such away. Because, like humans needs different sorts of wanting, other plants also have various kinds of demands.

With the evolution of the agricultural field, various cultivation methods and techniques are innovated for the higher and better yield of the plants.

One such part of the invention is the aeration of land to improve and fasten the plant’s growth.

Can You Use a Pitchfork to Aerate Your Lawn?

Before knowing about the standard tools for aerating your lawn, you need to understand what lawn aeration refers to!

In direct words, enabling water, air, fertilizer, and all other essential nutrients to pass through the roots of a plant directly is called aeration. Here, a medium is established through which the nutrients pass through the soil and get into the base of the plants. For showing such mediums, holes are the general way to achieve such a yield.

This is what a standard term of aeration can ever be interpreted by anyone whose importance is many for the welfare of your plants. That includes the necessary factors of the growth of those plants to get in contact with the same better, thus allowing topmost output.

One can yield the maximum potential from any plant cultivation if they do the land aeration before or after the germination.

Now that you have a general idea about the land aeration, it’s time for you to learn the tools and equipment needed to incorporate that.

There is much automatic heavy equipment available in the market that can apply minimum effort and maximum yielding.

Such tools are also known for saving time but with a common downside: their view of price. Surely, if you want to incorporate professionalism for your gardening, and therefore, you obviously should make a worthy investment for aerating.

But those of you who are not engaged in commercial gardening can always go for manual alternatives. That also includes such type of person who likes to do their job.

That brings to us the term pitchfork or a standard, less expensive tool that can yield an equal level of output just as the plug aerating treatments.

The ways of using the pitchfork for lawn aeration are

  • All you need is to put the manual effort in that field that includes some physical labor. That is to say, aerating with a pitchfork contains nothing but your hands and that simply broom-like tool.
  • As all procedures follow some criteria, the same goes for aerating through a pitchfork. Before the aeration, first of all, ensure the raking of all those unwanted debris from your plant’s bed.
  • Not even wilds weeds or dried leaves are allowed before the process of aeration as you don’t want the insertion of any of those components into the soil.
  • Then, mow your land short so that the leaves blades don’t create any obstacle for aeration and the method remains as effective as possible.
  • Then finally, use the pitchfork to dig a certain extent of soil. Use the whole length of the pitchfork for digging holes into the lands.
  • The holes should be arranged in rows after rows which will ensure sequential aeration throughout the whole yard!

What to Do After the Aeration?

Your job doesn’t end, followed by the aeration of your lawn. Instead, the main job starts right from them, that is, to sit after the aeration of the land.

Aeration holds a beneficial purpose on your lawn which should be incorporated just after the process ends. After having your yard aerated, the first and foremost task for your plants and soiled us to select fertilizer.

The fertilizer should be according to the type of soil in your land and the desired plants you want to grow.

Application of suitable fertilizers over the aerated land will allow it to directly get through the soil and reach the base of your plants. When you can supply any of the crucial factors like the fertilizer deep into the roots of the plants, the maximum level of the possible outcome can be achieved.

Again, aeration is completed, followed by the fertilizers, and requires all the essential basic needs of the plants for their survival.

That includes the supply of water directly into the roots and availing air and other essential components of the environment to get into the soil through the holes.

Again, one should be very careful with excess supply of any of the factors than the needs. However, while doing so, the plants will yield no good. Instead, internal damage will appear from the bottom of the plants towards the toe top.

Also, any mistake with the aeration can lead to various diseases, attacks of pests, fungus, bacteria, and so on.

The summer-tolerant plants should not be cultivated in aerated lands during the winter because the cold temperature of the atmosphere will reach the ground surface, resulting in quicker dormancy and, in some cases, even the death of the plants.

The same goes for the cold desperate plants, which will fail to tolerate the hotness of summer that passes through the holes into the base of those plants.

Final Words

Using a pitchfork to aerate the lawn is a great and inexpensive idea. With it, you can aerate lawn properly if you follow a specific procedure.

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