Rosemary companion plants

Rosemary companion plants 01Understanding the plants that aid in the development of Rosemary is crucial. Being aware of it will decrease the chances of generating a diseased plant. Rosary also known as ‘ Rosemarinus Officinalis is grown in the Mediterranean climate, and it grows year-round. This means that it’s an annual plant.

One of the benefits that come with Rosemary can is that it won’t suffer damage from insects. It is resistant to pests and is a good companion plant. This is possible due to its scent.

Some of the best Rosemary companion plants are flowers, vegetables, and fruit such as Marigolds as well as strawberries, Nasturtiums and carrots, broccoli, Thyme, cabbages, and many more.

In addition, it can be used to make delicious meals, it also can calm the nerves as tea. It also enhances memory and the flavor that other crops provide. It does not compete for nutrients when it is planted alongside other crops.

Because of its many uses, plants like it are ideal companions to a variety of crops. Discover how plants can benefit from it in the article.

15 Best Plants to Grow With Rosemary

Take into consideration the repelling qualities of rosemary before deciding on plants that will be suitable that will work with it. When choosing the right plant companions to rosemary you should ensure that they are capable of benefiting from the plant’s ability to repel certain insects that are attracted to plants. Companion planting can help to maximize the benefits of your garden and any growing room you’re given. Below are fifteen plants that can be grown using rosemary.

1. Thyme

Fresh Thyme

Rosemary is a plant companion which is great with other herbs. One of them is the thyme. Thyme is an excellent plant to be a companion to rosemary since it acts as an insect repellent and can thrive alongside rosemary because it provides more benefits than it gets.

Thyme is a tiny creeping plant that can thrive best when it is planted in the same area as rosemary oregano, sage, and marjoram.

2. Chives

Chives can be used with nearly all herbs, and are an excellent all-around companion with vegetables and herbs. The cultivation of chives is essential for those who are harvesting cucumbers. Chives have been known to keep against the nemesis of rose bushes and boost the growth of roses. They’re also decorative inside plants.

3. Alyssum

You can plant nearly every flower that is associated with rosemary, however, should you wish to improve the appearance of your garden, Alyssum is regarded as the more effective flower over rosemary. Sweet alyssum has tiny flowers that attract beneficial insects, such as predatory wasps, while rosemary can help repel pests by providing a distinct smell.

4. LavenderWatermelon companion plants 02

Lavender is a great companion planting to Meditteranean herbal plants and, although it has very specific cultivation requirements, it does well when paired with plants that have similar requirements in their culture like rosemary, thyme, and sage.

5. Beans

Rosemary has a strong and earthy smell that is strong and awe-inspiring with bean scents, which effectively blocks it from Mexican bean beetles. Rosemary is a wonderful partner to beans, and both are benefited by growing together.

A companion planting of beans with rosemary plants may not eliminate pests, however, it can deter certain pests. If you are within the United States, you are already aware of Mexican beetles. Mexican beetles are always a major problem for beans. They attack plants from the underside.

Rosemary plants outweigh the scent that beans emit, and a great strategy to protect yourself from Mexican beetles at bay is to companion planting with rosemary.

6. Carrots

One method to keep carrot flies and prevent them from damaging your plants is to plant them with rosemary. One of the major problems in growing vegetables is the tendency to attract flies to carrots to stop this you can plant rosemary nearby to help deter the carrot flies and in turn, provide nutrients to help the rosemary plants thrive.

7. Sage

Sage and rosemary thrive when they are planted together. The companion planting rosemary and Sage in the herb garden will aid in improving its overall health, and increase its taste. Sage is the sole herb that thrives with rosemary.

8. ParsnipsParsnips

Parsnips are a root veggie as are carrot flies and they are a magnet for carrot flies as well. Rosemary companion planting with parsnips helps both plants as with other vegetables. parsnips benefit from rosemary’s powerful scent.

9. Brassicas

The scent of rosemary helps keep pests away and hides the scent of brassicas. Rosemary is a perfect partner for plants belonging to the cabbage group that is called Brassicas. The brassica plant species include turnips, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, rutabaga Kale, radishes, and Kohlrabi. Brassicas and rosemary benefit by being planted close to each other.

Brassicas like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts, turnips, kohlrabi, rutabaga, and others, are susceptible to cabbage moths.

10. Marigolds

Marigold (Calendula officinalis) flowers.

Many of the companion plants love marigolds as well. Rosemary is one of them. The marigolds and rosemary are famous for their anti-insect properties making them an ideal plant to be planted in vegetable gardens or large containers on patios or decks. terraces.

Marigolds provide the perfect splash of color in your yard. You can plant them between the rosemary, or even flank the ends of the rosemary with marigold. The only plants you should not plant in the vicinity of marigolds is the brassicas as well as beans.

11. Cauliflower

Rosemary is among the plants that can grow to form an evergreen hedge that can make it a great companion plant to the cauliflower. Every plant that belongs to the cabbage family will benefit from rosemary as an additional plant. The proximity of rosemary to cauliflower will stop the larvae from eating moths.

12. Onion

Onion is an excellent companion plant for rosemary because both will benefit from it. Rosemary is a great insect repellent because of its scent, while onions keep non-beneficial insects away. It’s even believed to enhance the taste of rosemary when it is grown or eaten in combination.

13. Strawberries

Strawberry is one of the great companion plants for rosemary. It’s a fantastic gardening method that will increase the fertility of both plants. Strawberries are extremely responsive to surrounding plants.

14. Oregano

Generally speaking, herbs that prefer the same habitat can be planted in a group. Oregano is among the most common herbs grown with rosemary. But, rosemary isn’t able to work well with other herbs, but it does well alongside oregano in a garden.Rosemary companion plants 01

15. Marjoram

Marjoram is another plant that could be benefited from rosemary when used as an accompanying plant. It enhances the flavor of rosemary and is also beneficial to its health.

What Not To Plant With Rosemary

The rosemary is a great companion plant for your garden vegetables. Like other aromatic plants, it can ward away insects and helps your garden flourish. Some plants shouldn’t be placed near rosemary.

  • Pumpkins
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Cucumbers

Companion Planting Guide For Rosemary

Here are some tips to keep in your toolbox in case you’re thinking of planting a companion plant for rosemary.

  • The ideal time to plant your rosemary is during the springtime.Companion Planting Guide For Rosemary
  • Utilize an herb bag when you are planning to plant your rosemary. Keep the plant in an airy location.
  • Do not plant seeds for your rosemary. Instead, take cuttings of it
  • Make sure to water your plant as needed and let it dry before resuming the procedure
  • Let the plant be exposed to direct sunlight
  • Then, add fertilizer to it using manure or compost frequently.

The final thoughts

A thoughtful companion planting Rosemary is a fantastic method to increase the yield of your crop and also to ensure that your garden is fresh and free of insects. It is important to stay clear of planting certain herbs like mint or basil or other plants that have excessive water needs close to the rosemary.

By combining rosemary with other plants with similar requirements and characteristics You can increase the overall health and health of the rosemary plants while keeping pests out!


✅Can mint and rosemary grow together?

Yes, rosemary and mint can be planted in a group. Companion planting of mint and rosemary will help to protect against pests such as Aphids, and also boost the development of the other plant species. Both mints and rosemary thrive in the same habitat, so they work well together, but you should not plant mints in conjunction with other herbs due to their aggressive characteristics.

✅Can rosemary and lavender be planted alongside?

Yes, both lavender is a rosemary-like Meditteranean plant that can be planted in conjunction. These two herbs require the same conditions for sun and watering. They are a great partner plant. It is generally not recommended to plant lavender placed near to vegetables since the soil's moisture needs healthy vegetables can be harmful to the lavender plant, however, rosemary plants are thought to be beneficial to them.

✅Does Rosemary cause harm to other plants?

It is considered to be a healthy plant and can withstand certain pests and insects However, how you treat your plants is vital. Rosemary blends perfectly with many other herbs but it is a plant that is very robust and, when it is overpopulated and spreads, it may cause the death of other plants.

✅Are there any possibilities for Rosemary to be planted alongside tomatoes?

It is not advised to plant tomatoes and rosemary plants near one another, even though they could thrive in the same conditions as tomatoes. However, it could easily starve it of nutrients. The rosemary plants don't like being too wet, compared to tomatoes however they thrive in the same temperatures. If you do need to plant rosemary and tomatoes We suggest placing rosemary along the edge of the tomatoes growing zone, rather than as an immediate neighbor with your tomatoes.

✅Can basil and rosemary be planted in the same space?

Yes, rosemary and basil may be planted together, however they do not benefit one another but they can coexist safely within the garden. Rosemary and basil can thrive in the same spot with the sun However, basil requires greater water requirements in comparison to rosemary. You can plant frost-tender basil as well as rosemary as annuals in the cold winter.

✅Why does my rosemary plant are dying?

One of the most important steps to stop rosemary healthy is to provide it with between six and eight hours of sunlight each day and to avoid constant water. Too much watering can cause the roots to rot, and eventually turn brown needles because your root structure shrinks. It is sometimes difficult to comprehend the reasons why a rosemary plant requires water. Not leaving the plants completely dry after each watering can result in your rosemary plants continue dying. It is recommended to water your rosemary plant every one to 2 weeks based on its size and climate conditions.

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