9 Actionable Tips To Keep Squirrels Out of Your Lawn & Vegetable Garden

You have most definitely studied the chain cycle of the ecosystem in your 5th standard science book. Indeed, any person who looks at the factors of the environment strongly can interpret the phenomena.

The cycle defines the co-relation between plants, herbivores, carnivores, and micro-organisms. One such example of the chain of an ecosystem is the relation between a squirrel and your garden’s plants.

If the number of plants increases too much in amount, the number of squirrels will also increase. Conversely, if the squirrel rises, amount of plants will fall, and when plants become less in number, the squirrels are again brought under control.

This process is completely controlled naturally whose interruption can bring imbalances. But, for commercial purposes, individuals want to break through this process and get the maximum yield from their garden.

How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden

The discussion above brings emergence to the 9 actionable tips to keep squirrels out of your lawn which are:

#1. Covering your garden

To protect the garden from squirrels, one of the main ways is to make your lawn squirrel-proof. And, the best aspect through which you can do that is by covering up your garden. But, again, you can make it in a couple of ways.

A prevalent step of doing that is to establish row covers. You can also use birds nets or chicken wires. Last but not least, the ground version of the squirrels attack by the land for which you can set the bottom portion of the soil with hardware fabrics or clothes.

The ultimate key is to protect your garden’s plants without letting any of the fundamental aspects of the environment like water, light, and air get obstructed.

#2. Adding hot peppers

You can use all those ingredients of nature in your favor which the squirrels hate to go even nearer. Squirrels hate both the taste and smell of the hot peppers. As a result, you can use hot pepper as a preventive measure and natural-based repellent for your lawn.

Use hot flakes of chili, hot sauce, and similar ingredients over your lawn in such a way that there remains no route for the squirrel to pass, avoiding them. As a result, you can easily keep them away from your desired plants which you don’t want to get ruined by them!

As alternative options, you can instead go for direct actions like planting a chili tree. In this way, squirrels will not even come closer to the chili plants, and thus the plants of your lawn will be saved.

#3. Purchasing mothballs

The scents that are so pleasant and controversial to you can be a repellent for other animals like a squirrel. Placing mothballs on your garden’s soil or the top of the plants can make the squirrel stay away as much as possible.

Changing the mothballs every week or when the smell fades away is a must to prevent squirrels.

#4. Installation of motion-sensor sprinklers

squirrels love to move around here and there more often. They do it in search of food in your garden. Installing a motion sensor can capture their rate of motion. Whenever they try to get closer to the plants, the sensor starts an alarm which shocks the squirrel. It makes them stay out from your plants to many extents.

#5. Squirrel-repelling plant’s flowers

Many flowers like Tulips, Geraniums, etc., attract the squirrels more. But, in opposite to that, some squirrel repellent flowers work naturally to keep them away from your garden. Such flowers are daffodils, hyacinths, snowdrops, marigolds, and so on.

#6. Stocking peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is neither harmful to plant nor do they cause any damage to the squirrels. But, the thing that they do is, helping you by keeping the squirrels away. It is because the squirrels themselves don’t want to get in contact with the oil. Rub the oil within the plants, which will make the squirrel not eat them.

#7. Removal of trashes

Trashes are intact, which is the ultimate reason behind squirrels coming to your lawn. Squirrels are attracted to the smell, flavor, and taste of the leftover foods and such items. It makes them come into your place in search of those and end up damaging your plants.

#8. Incorporating apple cider vinegar

What can be better than a DIY repellent for preventing squirrels? And you can make them one by using apple cider vinegar with the existing peppermint oil or chili flakes. Take a bottle of spray and pour apple cider vinegar as much as you can. Shake the solution well and spray everywhere in your garden.

#9. Trying out commercial repellents

If you don’t want to make any of the efforts on your own, the last option is to go through a ready-made alternative. And, you can easily approach that through local home-improvement shops, which sell commercial repellents for preventing your garden from squirrels.

The commercial repellents use the urine of all the squirrels’ predators like a hawk, snakes, fox, owls, etc., to scare the hell out of them. As a result, squirrels can be kept at bay by implementing such procedures.

Why Do Squirrels Dig Holes?

Squirrels are capable of living, which makes them reign both in the ground and above the soil. Some of the squirrel versions can fly pretty much well from one tree to another in the mean of jumping. At the same time, most of the varieties find a route in the ground through digging holes.

By digging holes, squirrels travel from one place to another, find their foods like roots, stems, barks, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and store their food for the coming winter. But, when it’s about the plants that grow underground, the squirrels of that garden dig more holes than regular times.

And, before the winter seasons, which is the time of starvation for most insects and animals, they spend a perfect time through the stored foods underneath the soil.

How Do You Know Squirrels Target Your Lawn?

You can easily spot the presence of squirrels by identifying four of the following things on your lawn which are:

Absent of crops: If you can see a continuous loss of the crops from your lawn, the signs are your garden is under attack by the squirrels. Absent of crops like tomatoes, lettuce, berries etc. before their harvest makes sure about the presence of squirrels.

Damages in the bulb: The squirrels are survivors but not clever enough to differentiate the trees from the plants that the garden owner introduces. Eating from them and storing them for further use is their main motive. During the fall or spring, squirrels will dig up your plants’ bulbs for their food while conserving the same.

Disruption of mulch and soil: As you know well, squirrels love to dig up your lawn; the same happens with the mulch and crucial soil of your plants and flowers bed.

Missing of the bird foods: Various seeds from flowers like a sunflower seed falls under the birds’ food section. Squirrels not only have from these through the fallen seeds but also climb up on the trees to have specifically from the birds feed.

How Do I Protect My Tomatoes From Squirrels?

Not only tomatoes, but you can also protect any such specific vegetables or fruits by taking a particular measure. One such way is to use birds nets. Wrap the bird’s net all around each of the tomatoes in your garden to protect them from the direct attack of squirrels.

When the tomatoes get ripped, they attract the squirrels more than ever before. So put some effort to save those hard-earned tomatoes from going into vain.

How to Keep Squirrels From Eating Pumpkins?

The same way you treated your tomatoes can be exact fundamental to protect your pumpkins from squirrel attacks. Besides that, you can also take some benefit from natural repellents like odor that repel the squirrels. Such as implementing peppermint oil all over the pumpkins won’t cause any harm to your plants.

But it will cause the squirrels to make the highest possible distance from your desired pumpkins. Also, you can plant any chili plants beside the pumpkins to keep those wicked species away.

How Do I Keep Squirrels From Digging in My Mulch?

Mulch is a crucial aspect of gardening and making flower beds. They are so efficient for the underground plants, which can grow inside the soil. Such plants tend to come out of the soil breaking through the mulch that everybody can’t. It results in the ruling of those certain specific plants in your lawn which you have always wanted.

But, the problem with the mulch rises by the attacks of squirrels. Squirrels cherish themselves to dig holes into your mulch and spoil the whole procedure. So, as a preventive measure, build a barrier all-around your mulch to not let the squirrels enter into them in the first place.

You can do that by spreading mineral oil, chili flakes, peppermint oil, and so on. Remember to do the process after several days before the scent is faded or the ingredients get blown out by the air.

What Vegetables Are Safe From Squirrels?

Vegetables that emit a specific kind of odor that may be pleasant for us but intolerable by the squirrels will also be the reason for safety for particular plants.

Besides, most of the vegetable that tastes bitter is avoided by the squirrels. The hot sets of chilies from chili plants are also worth mentioning here. Indeed, you can make every vegetable of your garden safe from a squirrel by using effortless methods.

One way to deal with the squirrels is by implementing hot sauce around the vegetable that you want to keep away from them.

Do Dryer Sheets Repel Squirrels?

Yes, the dryer sheet repels both the squirrels and mice, which can be introduced efficiently in your gardens. To protect the portion of your garden which are under the risk of squirrel attack, build dryer sheets all around those plants.

During the summertime, you can mostly take this measure for protecting your plants. Use doors and vents which will work as the dryer sheets to repel the squirrels.

Will Cayenne Pepper Keep Squirrels Away From Bulbs?

Yes, like all those ingredients that emit an unpleasant odor for the squirrels, cayenne pepper is one of them. Taking a little bit of them and spreading them in the area you want to keep protected from the squirrels are all you need!

The rest of the work will automatically be done by the cayenne pepper. Besides the smell that they emit, the taste of the cayenne pepper is also like the biggest nightmare of the squirrels. You can mix the cayenne pepper with the solution of Apple cider vinegar and spray them over the bulbs of your plants to keep the squirrels away.

Final Words

Here, I have discussed the tricks to keep the squirrels out of your lawn and garden. These steps are the stand-out method to keep your plants healthy and keep away a thousand more pathogens. Lastly, thank you for being with me this far! You are awesome!

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